Victoria Smurfit Children

Fans are inclined to find out everything about Victoria Smurfit Children. She has three kids with Douglas Baxter.

Irish actress Victoria Smurfit is known for her performance as Orla O’Connell in the BBC television series Ballykissangel. 

Other famous roles of the actress are Cruella de Vil in Once Upon a Time, Detective Chief Inspector Roisin Connor in Trial & Retribution and more

In 2016, Victoria was nominated as Best Supporting Actress in the 13th IFTA Film & Drama Awards for Cruella de Vil in Once Upon a Time.

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Victoria Smurfit Children: Evie Dorothy, Flynn Alexander, And Ridley Belle Baxter

The talented actress was previously married to advertising executive Douglas Baxter on 29th July 2000 in Surrey, England.

However, it was announced that the couple decided to separate and had filed for divorce in 2015.

The ex-couple shares three children together: Evie Dorothy Baxter, Ridley Belle Baxter, and Flynn Alexander Baxter.

Smurfit and Baxter welcomed their first child, Evie Dorothy Baxter, in Dublin, Ireland, on 2 November 2004.

Their eldest daughter Evie was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy, an eye condition that leads to blindness at the age of 12 years old.

After the birth of their first child, the former pair wanted to add a new member to the family. So, they planned for the next child. 

Victoria Smurfit Children
Victoria Smurfit with her daughter, Evie Dorothy Baxter (Source: Instagram)

Victoria and Douglas were blessed with their second daughter, Ridley Belle Baxter, in May 2007.

Likewise, they welcomed their third child, Flynn Alexander Baxter, in November 2008.

Even after the divorce, Victoria and Douglas are close friends and have been maintaining a better relationship with their children.

The actress said in an interview that their kids are their highest priority, so they will continue to stay as a tight-knit family even if the change is difficult. 

Victoria stated that none of her children want to follow in her footsteps and want to be actors.

She said they’ve seen her life, and the rejections in the film business work scare them. 

She also added- Ridley, her second daughter, is very artistic, and she can see her being a film director. On the contrary, her son, Flynn, is more traditional.

Talking about her roles, the actress said her children don’t watch any of her movies.

For them, she is just the working woman that pays their bills and cooks dinner.

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Is Victoria Smurfit dating anyone? 

The separation from her ex-husband, Douglas Baxter, was tough for Victoria Smurfit. 

The actress admitted that she had lost a lot of weight and struggled. She couldn’t eat, and it was hard for her to swallow food.

Looking at her condition, a lot of her friends suggested she see the therapist, but she hated the idea.

Victoria Smurfit Children
Victoria Smurfit with Steve Jacobs (Source: Instagram)

After going through a heartfelt divorce, Victoria found her new love. She sparked a romantic relationship with her new boyfriend, Steve Jacobs.

Victoria and Jacobs attended the premiere of her film Deadly Cuts in October 2021. It was their first appearance as a couple.

Smurfit and Jacobs prefer to keep most of their relationship out of the spotlight.

However, they sometimes give their fans a treat with small glimpses of their lives together on social media.

 As of 2023, the couple is enjoying their company, and their relationship is sailing smoothly.

How Rich is Victoria Smurfit?

According to The Wikifeed, the estimated net worth of Victoria Smurfit is $1.5 million approximately.

Her primary source of income is her acting career. Talented actress Smurfit is also a producer and writer.

Besides acting, producing, and writing, she makes money from other ventures like brand endorsements, public appearances, commercials, and more.

Victoria Smurfit Children
Victoria Smurfit with her ex-husband Douglas Baxter (Source: The Sun)

Moreover, Victoria Smurfit belongs to the Smurfit family. Smurfit Kappa is the leading company in Europe.

Smurfit family is one of the richest in Ireland. Victoria’s uncle, Michael Smurfit, is the head of the family.

He sponsors several sporting events, including the Smurfit European Open and the Champion Hurdle.

Moreover, the Smurfit family is also associated with Smurfit Business School at University College Dublin (UCD).

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