Victor Siharath Arrested

Victor Siharath arrest news emerged online, sparking curiosity among many individuals eager to uncover the details of the incident. 

Victor Siharath is a 36-year-old resident of Pomona.

He was taken into custody for driving under the influence (DUI) following a tragic collision involving two vehicles in Pomona.

The collision resulted in the deaths of three women and injuries to others.

Similarly, the incident unfolded at the White Avenue and Phillips Boulevard intersection, where Siharath was the sole occupant of an SUV involved in the crash.

Authorities arrested him on suspicion of felony DUI after determining that he was impaired.

Two women succumbed to their injuries at the scene, while another passed away later at the hospital.

The victims, who were returning from a baby shower, are being mourned by devastated loved ones, who have erected a memorial at the crash site to honor their memory.

Siharath is set to appear in court on Tuesday in Pomona.

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Victor Siharath Arrested Under DUI Charge: What Happened?

On Saturday, a Pomona resident, Victor Siharath, was arrested by the police for allegedly driving under the influence and colliding with another vehicle, resulting in the tragic death of three women.

Siharath was taken into custody late Saturday night following a two-vehicle traffic accident reported around 11 p.m. at White Avenue and Phillips Boulevard in Pomona.

According to Aly Mejia, a spokesperson for the Pomona Police Department, Siharath had a previous DUI conviction.

Victor Siharath Arrested
Police reported that two women succumbed to their injuries at the crash site, while three others were transported to a nearby hospital (Source: WorldCinemaParadise)

All individuals involved in the collision sustained injuries ranging from moderate to severe, as stated by the police in a news release.

They received medical attention from personnel of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Police reported that two women succumbed to their injuries at the crash site, while three others were transported to a nearby hospital, where another woman later passed away.

The victims’ identities have not been officially disclosed, but ABC7 has identified them as Yesenia (Ochoa) Olaez, aged 33, Lorena Morales, the vehicle’s driver, and Alejandra Olaez, aged 33.

According to reports, Morales’ husband, Juan Manuel “Jaime” Garcia, was seated in the front passenger seat while Alejandra’s 12-year-old daughter occupied the backseat.

The group was reportedly returning home from a baby shower.

Yesenia Olaez was in the process of legally adopting her 11-year-old nephew, as per the outlet’s report.

“She passed away while caring for me,” expressed the nephew, Brian Gonzalez, to the news outlet. “I wished for her to witness my growth.”

Officers identified Siharath as the sole occupant of an SUV involved in the collision.

Following the determination that he was operating the vehicle under the influence, Siharath was apprehended on suspicion of felony DUI.

Is Victor Siharath In Jail?

Victor Siharath, the individual implicated in a fatal crash linked to a DUI in Pomona, California, has been apprehended and is currently confronting felony DUI allegations.

Siharath, aged 36 and a resident of Pomona, was operating an SUV involved in a collision that tragically claimed the lives of three women and caused injuries to others.

Victor Siharath Arrested
A Pomona man was arrested on Saturday after allegedly driving under the influence and crashing into another car (Source: Yahoo)

Further, Siharath was taken to a nearby hospital before being charged with felony driving under the influence.

Footage acquired by KTLA depicts Siharath undergoing a sobriety test on the sidewalk mere feet away from the scene of the crash.

Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the collision and encourage anyone with pertinent information to contact the Pomona Police Department.

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