Vanessa Raval Scandal

Vanessa Raval Scandal generated a lot of exciting conversations among online users. What is the viral video trending on TikTok?

Vanessa Raval is a Filipino TikTok star, social media influencer, content creator, Youtuber, tattoo artist, and businesswoman.

According to sources, Vanessa is well-known across the country as Jeric Raval’s daughter.

She is well-known as the sister of Filipino Actress and model AJ Raval. Her sister started her career in the entertainment industry as a model and later transitioned to acting.

AJ Raval is well-known for her social media presence and acting career. She has a sizable fan base on TikTok and Instagram in particular. She frequently provides his followers with pictures and videos of her daily activities, travels, and workouts.

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Vanessa Raval Scandal: What Is The Viral Video Trending On TikTok?

Vanessa Raval, a well-known TikTok star, described a delicate video that went viral on social media.

The sister of AJ Raval claimed to be the real woman in the TikTok video while denying that she was the one who submitted it.

As Vanessa and her ex-boyfriend are in a long-distance relationship, the video is a portion of what she sends to him.

We’re in an LDR, so what more can I be expected to do? Of course, make a video and send a picture undressed,” said Vanessa. “I had a boyfriend before. She’s my ex-boyfriend now.

Vanessa Raval Scandal
Vanessa Raval described a delicate video that went viral on social media (Source: Instagram)

According to Vanessa’s account, she noticed that her Facebook password had been changed in the email, and just a few hours before, someone posted a private video that she had sent to her ex-wife.

Vanessa believes the hacker entered her and her ex-boyfriend and discovered her unclothed video.

Vanessa responded, “There is no problem even if you see the sensitive part, even if you see my flower.

She only expressed sadness over how the incident would affect her family. She praised those who were still behind her despite what had transpired.

Inside Vanessa Raval Family Life

Vanessa Raval was born to parents Jeric Raval and Alyssa Alvarez.

Jeric is a veteran Filipino Actor known for his roles in action and Drama films. But, not much is known about her mother maintaining a low profile.

Vanessa Raval Scandal
Vanessa Raval was born to parents Jeric Raval and Ana Lunod (Source: Instagram)

His mother mostly raised AJ because Jeric and Ana have been estranged for a long time.

Her siblings are Janina, Mela Buensuceso, Pugo Buensuceso and Joshua Raval.

Moving on, Vanessa follows her Christian religion. Sources claim that she continued her education at a respected college in the Philippines.

Afterward, she began her career as a tattoo artist. She also got into social media throughout her time as an undergraduate. Vanessa is currently a well-known tattoo artist and TikTok star.

A Look At Vanessa Raval Career

Vanessa Raval is a well-known TikTok star and social media influencer.

She became well-known after posting lip-sync videos on her TikTok account. She now has more than 2 million followers on her official TikTok account. Vanessa is also a talented tattoo artist in addition to that. Rumor has it that she also owns a tattoo shop.

In addition, Raval is concentrating on her online profession. Vanessa has appeared in a few music videos as well. She also posted cover pages for music videos on her social media sites.

Also, Vanessa runs a self-titled YouTube channel with more than 51.3K subscribers.

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