Traci Komoroski Accident

Tragic Connection: Jamie Komoroski’s Mother, Traci Komoroski, Involved in 2013 Crash That Claimed Firefighter’s Life

Traci Komoroski, aged 62 and the mother of Jamie Lee Komoroski, aged 25, was involved in a devastating incident in 2013.

Sadly, this incident resulted in the loss of Forest Fire Service Warden Jeffrey Scheuerer’s life.

The unfortunate incident occurred in Clinton Township, New Jersey, where Scheuerer, bravely battling a blaze, found himself partially obstructed by smoke and a firetruck with its flashing emergency lights.

Amid this challenging situation, Traci inadvertently collided with Scheuerer.

After a thorough investigation, the crash was determined to be an unforeseen accident burdened by the circumstances.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the incident, Traci, who holds a position as an elementary school paraprofessional, was not faced with any charges.

This heartbreaking accident is a poignant reminder of how life can be filled with unexpected events and the devastating outcomes that can emerge from such unforeseeable circumstances.

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Traci Komoroski Accident – 62-Year-Old Killed Firefighter Jeffrey Scheuerer

In 2013, Traci Komoroski, a 62-year-old elementary school paraprofessional and the mother of Jamie Lee Komoroski was involved in an accident that tragically resulted in the death of Forest Fire Service Warden Jeffrey Scheuerer.

The incident occurred during a Fire outbreak in Clinton Township, New Jersey. At the time of the accident, Scheuerer was actively battling the blaze.

Unfortunately, the combination of smoke and a firetruck, despite its emergency lights flashing, partially obstructed his visibility. It was during this challenging situation that Traci inadvertently hit him.

Traci Komoroski Accident
In 2013, Traci Komoroski, a 62-year-old elementary school paraprofessional and the mother of Jamie Lee Komoroski, was involved in a car accident (Source: Nybreaking)

After a thorough investigation, authorities determined that the crash was unfortunate. Consequently, no charges were filed against Traci, considering the circumstances.

Scheuerer, who had been serving in the Fire Service for six years and had a notable 21-year tenure with the Readington Township Volunteer Fire Company, tragically lost his life in the incident.

The details of Traci’s past crash resurfaced in the media following another unfortunate incident involving her.

In April, she was involved in a separate collision that resulted in the death of Samantha Miller as Miller was leaving her wedding reception in South Carolina.

Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns, in his investigation, attributed the untimely death of Samantha Miller, at least in part, to a sudden change in wind direction during a controlled forest burn.

This shift caused thick smoke to obscure the firetruck and its emergency lights, ultimately contributing to the fatal accident.

Who Was Jeffrey Scheuerer?

During the car incident, Jeffrey Scheuerer had an impressive six-year history serving in the Fire Service, demonstrating his dedication and expertise.

Additionally, he had been a dedicated member of the Readington Township Volunteer Fire Company for an impressive 21 years, showcasing his commitment to firefighting and his local community.

The unfortunate event occurred on Lebanon-Stanton Road, where Scheuerer was actively operating a hose, likely combating a Fire or performing firefighting duties.

Traci Komoroski Accident
Jeffrey Scheuerer, aged 35, had an impressive six-year history serving in the Fire Service, demonstrating his dedication and expertise (Source: Nypost)

During this critical moment, he narrowly avoided being struck by one driver whose vehicle passed by without incident.

However, shortly after that, tragedy struck when Traci Komoroski’s 2010 Jeep Liberty collided with Scheuerer, as reported by the Democrat.

On the other hand, Scheuerer, the brother of Jeffrey Scheuerer, spoke out about the lack of charges brought against Traci Komoroski following the tragic incident. Further, in an interview with the NyPost, David shared his disappointment.

David revealed that the Clinton Township Police Department had assured him that appropriate actions would be taken in response to the accident.

However, to his dismay, no charges were ever filed against Traci, leaving him feeling let down by the justice system.

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