Top Chef Gabe Controversy

Gabe Controversy started when he won season 18 of “Top Chef,” and it was later discovered that he had been fired from a previous position due to complaints of sexual harassment.

Gabe Erales is a chef who has worked at various restaurants.

He began his training in the culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where he earned his degree in 2006.

Gabe worked at several American eateries after graduating, including the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles and the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas.

Later, he relocated to Austin, Texas, where he worked at many restaurants until taking the helm at Comedor as Executive chef.

Erales participated in season 18 of the reality competition “Top Chef” in 2021, where he won.

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Top Chef Gabe Controversy: Why Was He Fired From His Job?

Gabe Erales’ success on season 18 of “Top Chef” and the following disclosure that he had been fired from his prior employment for sexual harassment claims are what initially sparked the controversy surrounding him.

Erales was fired from his position as a senior chef at a restaurant in Austin, Texas, in 2020, according to press reports that surfaced after the season aired.

Although the specifics of the claims were kept private, it was established that sexual harassment was involved.

As the show’s producers and judges became aware of Erales’ dismissal but chose not to address it throughout the season or take a firm stance against workplace harassment in the business, the situation grew more heated.

Top Chef Gabe Controversy
Gabe Erales’ success on season 18 of “Top Chef” and the following disclosure that he had been fired from his prior employment for sexual harassment (Source: Tvline)

This prompted complaints about the show and how it handled the circumstance.

Erales responded by regretting his earlier actions and acknowledging the hurt they caused.

In the culinary sector, he also urged greater awareness and action to combat workplace harassment.

The scandal involving Gabe serves as a reminder of the persistent problem of sexual harassment in the food business and the demand for more robust accountability and remedial action.

Despite this, he has said he wants to utilize his platform to spread awareness and take action to address workplace harassment in the culinary business despite the incident. Erales is still employed as a chef.

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Gabe Erales Issues an Apology After His Termination for Sexual Harassment

Gabe Erales, the winner of TOP Chef: Portland, expressed his “deep regret” after being let go for “sexual harassment” and for reportedly having an “affair with a coworker.”

On his Instagram, Gabe published a formal, lengthy “public statement.”

Top Chef Gabe Controversy
Gabe Erales expressed his “deep regret” after being let go for sexual harassment (Source: Austinunder)

The winner admitted this was a “difficult period of reflection and personal growth.” This was a “true start on his way to making amends,” the reality star acknowledged.

He added: he had a consensual relationship with a coworker and afterward cut back on her working hours, which combined was a wrong decision and resulted in his termination after he filmed Top Chef.

Gabe Erales Wife: Is He Married? 

Gabe Erales is happily married to his lovely wife, Linda Young.

She is a University of Eastern New Mexico alumnus with a bachelor’s in Spanish education.

Linda served as the Spanish club president and was a member of the Omega Fraternity while attending college.

Top Chef Gabe Controversy
Gabe Erales with his wife Linda Young and their three children (Source: Gabeerales)

Young was a general manager at Charming Charlie and an Abercrombie & Fitch store manager. Her Facebook page shows she is currently employed as a technical source.

She was a recruiter for Indeed from 2016 until 2019. Additionally, according to her bio, she has three children and is a devoted runner.

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