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Tom Cruise Sexuality: Despite being the embodiment of the stereotypically virile and masculine genre, Tom Cruise has persistently been plagued by unfounded and ludicrous rumors of his homosexuality for an extended period.

The American Star became a famous action movie star because of the 1986 film Top Gun, not the earlier movie Risky Business, which is sometimes thought to have made him famous.

Before delving into the bizarre and unfounded rumors that have stalked Tom Cruise throughout his illustrious career, it’s imperative to emphasize that all of the items listed herein are entirely based on conjecture and hold no factual basis.

Tom Cruise Sexuality And Gay rumors

The rumor is that Tom Cruise’s marriage with Mimi Rogers ended because he was considering becoming a monk and was celibate during their marriage, indicating that he prioritized his spiritual needs over their relationship.

Some people interpreted his celibacy as a lack of sexual interest in women, but Rogers never confirmed Cruise’s sexual orientation.

There exists a popular rumor which alleges that Tom Cruise and John Travolta maintained a clandestine romantic involvement for a span of three decades.

It’s said that their affair began when Travolta saw Cruise in the movie Risky Business and took him to a Scientology school in Oregon for a week.

Tom Cruise Sexuality
Tom Cruise sued a gay porn actor who claimed they had an affair that caused Cruise’s divorce from Nicole Kidman (Source: The Guardian)

Another rumor suggests that he became a member of the Church of Scientology to try to “fix” his homosexuality. The church supposedly promotes anti-gay beliefs and practices aimed at changing someone’s sexual orientation.

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Likewise, there is a rumor that Tom Cruise had a romantic relationship with a gay porn actor named Chad Slater. It’s also said that this alleged affair was the reason for his divorce from Nicole Kidman.

Cruise denied the allegation and won a defamation suit against Slater, with his lawyer insisting that Cruise was not homosexual and had no relationship with the porn actor.

Tom Cruise Partner-Who is he dating?

Pivoting from Tom Cruise Sexuality Rumors to his relationships, between 2020 and 2023, Tom Cruise was involved in a tumultuous romantic liaison with actress Hayley Atwell.

This relationship, which began while they were filming “Mission Impossible 7,” has been marked by frequent periods of separation and reconciliation.

Tom Cruise Divorce
Tom Cruise Tumultuous Divorce Patterns (Source: Mamamia)

Actress Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were joined in holy matrimony from 2005 to 2012 after crossing paths in the same year and subsequently tying the knot. The couple was blessed with one child together, Suri Cruise.

Additionally, the Hollywood Sensation has been in several high-profile relationships with actresses over the years, including Rebecca De Mornay, Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Penelope Cruz, all of whom he met on set while filming various movies.

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Why do rumors persist about Tom Cruise Sexuality?

This question does not have a simple response. The public has always been drawn to spicy gossip concerning the sexuality of celebrities, and this fascination with queer rumors remains prevalent.

Regarding Tom Cruise Sexuality Rumors, his enigmatic personal life, his association with a religion rumored to mistreat LGBTQ+ individuals, and a series of unsuccessful romantic relationships have all contributed to the intrigue surrounding him.

During a Vanity Fair interview, the author questioned Cruise regarding the persistent rumors about his sexuality. Although Cruise expressed uncertainty about the source of these rumors, he affirmed his heterosexual identity.

Salon suggests that Cruise’s fame can be linked to his ability to use his physical attributes, such as his good looks and fit body, and his willingness to take on roles with unclear sexual orientations to appeal to both his mainstream and LGBTQ+ audience.

During an interview, when asked about whether actors can be open about their sexuality and remain a “giant movie star” like himself, Cruise replied with an optimistic view, saying, “I believe that anything is possible now.

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