Tizzyent scandal

Tizzyent scandal and controversy on Tiktok again came into highlight after two years, and people are eager to know about the man who exposed it.

Michael, popularly known as Tizzyent, is a popular TikTok user with 2.5 million followers and a huge fan base expanded worldwide.

He is an American writer, director, editor, and filmmaker who regularly shares videos on the platform discussing real-life topics and sharing his opinions.

Additionally, the influencer has a significant following on Instagram, with 112,000 followers, and recently Tizzyent scandal has been covering headlines.

Recently, he gained widespread attention after exposing a massive fake vaccine card scam.

His actions in exposing the fake vaccine card scam have garnered him significant praise and attention.

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Tizzyent Scandal And ControverSy On TikTok Explained

Tizzyent, a popular TikTok user and filmmaker, recently gained widespread attention after exposing a massive fake vaccine card scam.

He discovered an Instagram user named AntiVaxMomma, who was advertising counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards with genuine serial numbers.

Suspicious of the posts, he posed as a Walgreens employee, contacted her, and investigated.

And later, the woman revealed she was paying someone in New York $10,000 weekly to generate serial numbers.

She asked the personality in NY to enter unvaccinated individuals’ names into the vaccination database and generate authentic-looking lot numbers for the fake cards.

Tizzyent promptly notified the FBI about the scam, leading to the arrest & charging of individuals involved, including the woman behind the scheme.

Mic’s exposing the fake vaccine card scam has garnered him significant praise and attention.

His involvement in bringing illegal activity to light showcases his dedication to combatting fraud and ensuring the integrity of vaccination procedures.

The Tizzyent scandal story serves as a reminder of the power of social media platforms like TikTok in uncovering and shedding light on important issues.

Tizzyent scandal
The Tizzyent scandal again gained huge hype after the information regarding the case began trending online. (Source: The Daily Dot)

However, his involvement in the controversy also received criticism, and he was even accused of inciting violence against the woman.

Nonetheless, the American writer maintained that he intended to expose a fraudulent operation and not to cause harm.

While one group strongly supported him, others working anti of the influencer successfully planted a question in everybody’s mind.

“Why and how did Tizzyent get such crucial information by analyzing Instagram? And is he racist?”

In short, we have no actual information on how things went so well on the Tiktoker’s side, but his action took doing some things that were not socially good.

Is Tizzyent racist? Pedophile Accusations 

Tizzyent faced controversy and accusations of racism and pedophilia on TikTok in 2021 following the widespread vaccine-related “Tizzyent scandal.”

According to the ZGR, the influencer’s tweets and behavior have been labeled racist and misogynistic.

The American professional has been accused of pedophilia, with a girl frequently commenting negatively and calling him a pedophile on his videos.

Tizzyent scandal
Tizzy was accused of beefing with a 10-year-old who left a mean comment on her video. (Source: Reddit)

In 2021, a Twitter user shared past tweets by him that allegedly contained racism, violence against the homeless, transphobia, misogyny, sexual violence, and pedophilia.

However, it is unclear whether the allegations were verified or if there has been a thorough investigation into their authenticity.

Without further evidence or investigation, it is difficult to determine whether Tizzyent is racist or if the pedophilia allegations hold any truth.

Who is Tizzyent? Meet the viral Tiktoker of 2021

Tizzyent, also known as Michael Mc., is a viral TikToker who gained popularity in 2021.

He is an American filmmaker, editor, writer, and director with millions of followers on TikTok.

However, it is essential to note that Tizzyent has been embroiled in controversy and drama on the platform.

Tizzyent scandal
Tizzyent, aka Michael MC, who exposed the vaccine scam in 2021 got involved in harassing people. (Source: Reddit)

He has faced accusations of racism and misogyny, as well as allegations of pedophilia. He even apologized for his past behavior and acknowledged the consequences of his actions.

However, these controversies have cast a shadow on his viral status, and opinions about his personality vary due to the serious accusations against him.

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