Timmy Thick

Social media has been a pretty good place to showcase the skills and talent that individuals possess, and well, some of them have come pretty good from it. Timmy Thick is one of those Instagram stars that have been pretty good on social media sites.

Timmy Thick is well known for creating division between the people with his opinion, and most of the time, his tweets are termed sensitive. Here we will let you know in detail about this individual.

But first, some quick facts tend to help the search

Timmy Thick net worth
Timmy Thick

Timmy Thick: Quick Facts

Full Name Timmy Thick
Date of Birth 1999/08 /21
Nickname Timmy
Marital Status Single
Birthplace New York, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 20
Profession Celebrity
Nationality American
Active Year 2016-present
Eye color Black
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Net Worth Under Review
Online Presence Instagram


Timmy Thick was born on 21st August 1999 in New York. Most of the readers might be familiar with the fact that Timmy is not his real name. Surprisingly his real name has not come out in front of the media. The name of his parents is also not known to the general press and its vast secret.

The average looking individual, however, holds the American nationality and also holds the white ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Age and Body Measurements

Timmy was born in 1999, which makes him 20 years old as of now. He stands at the height of 5 ft, but his weight is not known to the general media. This Instagram star build-up, however, looks thick. The build-up of this individual is tiny. His shoe size falls at the reading of 5.

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Not only the height and weight measurements, but the just crossover teen maintains his outlook in front of the media. Shining a pair of black eyes and flawless blonde hair tends to complete this individual’s overall vision.

Early Life and Education

Timmy was born in New York and spent most of his childhood there with his family and siblings. Even though the name of the family and also the siblings are not known to the general people, but we can say with ease that he had a pretty decent time. The freedom to express the opinion comes from the culture, and well, the nourishment has been pretty good too.

For the educational background, though, there is hardly anything available. This native American has just crossed his teens, so we feel that Thick might be attending the high school and also doing pretty good there. Due to the overnight success, there is hardly anything personal information for the readers to ponder upon.


Timmy is more of a single celebrity that has garnered a considerable number of followers. It’s easy to make a crowd dividing comment, but to keep up with the tempo is something of a hard task, and well, it requires patience and time.

Timmy rose to fame on Instagram in 2016 when this individual posted the content that is primarily about his dress up and cryptic pictures. People started questioning his sexual orientation too. The frequent comments in Nicki Minaj also held his name higher up and up.

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Be along with the fans. There are lots of audiences who hate him for his childish act, but some believe that Timmy is himself, and there is no bad in doing so, and well, people respect that too. With frequent reporting and Instagram being deleted, the dividing commenter has done wonders with every new account.

Timmy Thick Gender Issues

In the world of social media, when people get famous, there are certain leg pullers, too, and if you are a critical content driver, then well, the haters are always around.

Timmy Thick gender issues
Timmy’s Thick sexual orientation is under the radar Source: Instagram.

Besides all of his work performed on the social media platforms, the talented 20-year-old is always questioned whether he is a boy or a girl, and every time his answer is male, but questions never leave his side. Other than all of this, the talented guy has done right with his life and believes making everyone happy is never the way to go.


Timmy Thick has just past his teens, and at this point, the kid is single. There are no rumors of being inducted with any other girl but all alone. We feel this Instagram star is more into making up the career and always forth taking the studies to bring the best out of himself.

On the contrary, though, the questions over sexual orientation have made it harder for Thick to come out in the open about his love life. We feel when all the issues are sorted out, the talented guy shares the good news.

Timmy Thick Net Worth

Timmy Thick is 20 years old, and he is more focused on his studies. His fame and earning is basically from social media platforms. With over 40k followers, the earning might be subdued, but accurate data is not available to show to the general people.

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Not only this, but the lack of proper information on his career has also made things more robust for the media to get the factual information. We feel someday the net worth, annual income, and the assets owned will come out, and we will keep you all updated.

Social Media Reach

Instagram42.5k followers

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