Theo Campbell

Theo Campbell Girlfriend has been the topic of discussion among his fans as he and Sapphire Yhnell are no longer together.

Theo Campbell is a well-known reality television personality, athlete, and model from the United Kingdom. Before his reality television career, Theo was a successful athlete who competed as an international sprinter.

Theo Campbell is one of the Love Island UK 3 contestants. He was a finalist in Battle of the Worlds. In addition, he competed in the World Championship and Battle of the Worlds 2.

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He also starred on Celebrity Ex on the Beach UK 2 as Kaz Crossley’s ex and has had romances with Lexi Taylor and Gemma Pell, among others.

Theo Campbell Girlfriend Sapphire Yhnell Gave Birth To Their Son Aries

Although Theo Campbell and Sapphire Yhnell are no longer married, they have a son, Aries. 

Theo announced Aries’ arrival on Instagram, uploading a lovely shot of himself leaving the hospital with his newborn son lying in a baby car seat carrier draped in a £350 Fendi blanket while carrying a hospital bag across his body. 

Theo chose to keep Aries’ mother’s identity hidden, but Sapphire eventually disclosed that she was the baby’s mother.

Theo has kept his personal life secret, even after becoming a dad, and hasn’t revealed anything about his family or genealogy to the general world.

Theo Campbell
Theo Campbell with his son, Aries (Source: Metro)

Yet it has come to light that Theo fathered a son with influencer Sapphire Yhnell. Tai is the name of Sapphire’s other kid from a prior relationship.

He is a quiet guy who has avoided discussing his family history or personal life on social media or in interviews, preferring to focus on his reality television job and his new position as a Father.

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Who Are Theo Campbell Parents? Family Explored

As a private individual, Theo Campbell has not publicly disclosed details about his parents or their origins. 

As a result, it is presently unknown where his parents are from or any other information regarding his family’s past.

Theo has kept his personal life relatively private, focused on his work as an athlete and reality TV personality.

Theo Campbell
Theo Campbell, in Love Island UK 3 star, (Source: Aussiecelebs)

He hasn’t published much about his family life on social media, although he has uploaded some photographs of Aries.

In one of his posts, he stated, “Being a parent is the greatest blessing I’ve ever received. Words cannot express how much I adore my little man.”

Theo Campbell rose to prominence after starring in the third series of ITV2’s Love Island in 2017. Afterward, he appeared on reality television series such as Celebrity Ex on the Beach UK 2 and The Challenge: Battle of the Worlds.

Despite his public persona, Theo has kept his personal life secret, not disclosing any information about his parents or their history.

What Is Theo Campbell Net Worth In 2024?

According to Idol Net Worth, Theo Campbell has a net worth of $1 million. His earnings are primarily derived from his successful athletic career and television appearances.

Campbell is an international sprinter who has competed for Great Britain in various events. As an athlete, he has received prize money and brand sponsorships from various companies.

In addition to his sports career, Campbell has starred in numerous prominent reality television series, including Love Island UK and Celebrity Ex on the Beach UK.

His television appearances will also likely add to his overall net worth. In addition to his sporting and television careers, Campbell founded TrainWright, a fitness Company.

He has introduced a line of fitness and nutrition goods through his Company, increasing his earnings.

Theo Campbell’s net worth is calculated by combining his earnings from his sporting career, television appearances, and fitness Company.

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