Taylor Giavasis Parents

Do you want to learn more about Taylor Giavasis parents? She is the beloved daughter of Bobby Lee Cutts Jr. and Nikki Giavasis.

The groundbreaking website “the nakediaries” made internet photographer and artist Taylor Giavasis famous.

Taylor encourages others to appreciate and cherish their bodies all across the world.

Women have long felt uneasy about their physical characteristics and problems. These women are more vulnerable to victimization as the digital culture grows.

Taylor Giavasis is attempting to promote body positivity and inspire women amongst all of this mayhem.

As most readers will attest, Taylor might not have always spoken up and been relaxed under pressure to assist a woman in overcoming challenges.

Taylor inspires women to be free and self-assured through her website, “The Naked Diaries.”

Although doing this might seem risky, things are already beginning to happen.

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Who Are Taylor Giavasis Parents?

Taylor Giavasis was born to Nikki Giavasis and Bobby Lee Cutts Jr. in August 1997.

She was reared by her single mother, Nikki Giavasis, and is of American descent.

According to The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Nikki and Cutts, Taylor’s parents, first met as Walsh University students.

Taylor Giavasis Parents
Taylor Giavasis‘ mother and boyfriend (Source: Twitter)

Taylor Giavasis, the only child of the ex-couple, was born in August 1997; however, by the end of 1998, Nikki and Cutts had ended their relationship.

Jordan Giacasisle, Taylor’s brother, and she grew up together. She is also ethnically diverse. Giavasis gets along well with both her brother and mother.

Additionally, she has a child with her partner, Nash Grier. The latter is another well-known YouTuber.

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Meet Taylor Giavasis Mother Nikki Giavasis

Nikki Giavasis, Taylor’s mother, is an entrepreneur, Forbes Top Influencer, author, and agent for celebrities and influencers. She is a native of Canton, Ohio.

Taylor Giavasis Parents
Taylor Giavasis with her mother (Source: Facebook)

Before all of her success, she attended a high school in Texas where she also worked as an NFL cheerleader during her senior year of high school.

In addition, Taylor Giavasis’ mother has reportedly moved to Los Angeles and is a published author of three books.

She is an author and Actress who became very well-known on social media thanks to her work on the empowering book Real Talk, Real Women.

Additionally, she appeared in the movies Don’t Mess with the Zohan and Eagle Eye.

Taylor adores her mother and enjoys a close relationship with her.

Is Taylor Giavasis Father a Convicted Murderer?

Taylor finds it challenging to bring up her Father in conversation. The dad of Giavasis is Bobby Lee Cutts Jr.

However, Cutts was found guilty of killing Jessie Marie Davis in 2008. Davis, an Ohio resident from Lake Township, was pregnant.

According to reports, the murder happened in June 2017.

Taylor Giavasis’ father was found guilty of burglary and Davis’ murder, which resulted in the death of his unborn child.

He was also accused of harming children and abusing a body.

Moreover, Taylor stated in August 2018 that her grandfather was more “like a Father” when she was younger.

Even though she never expressed any interest in talking about her dad, she loved her grandfather, who was like a Father to her.

Social Media

In social media, Ms. Giavasis enjoys enormous popularity. She makes a lot of money as a social media influencer.

Speaking of her fan following, she has 1.4M followers on Instagram, 123.1K followers on Twitter, and 73K Subscribers on YouTube.

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