Deandrea Valdez death

Deandrea Valdez death has created a lot of sadness and shock in the family and friends. She was a student at Tuloso Midway High School.

Deandrea Valdez was a 16-year-old student of the Tuloso Midway High School, which is located in Corpus Christi, Texas 78410, United States.

Sadly, Valdez was announced dead in the shooting incident that happened at Tuloso Midway High School last Friday.

Valdez’s family is mourning the loss of their daughter and is eager to find the truth behind their daughter’s death.

Today, let’s talk in depth about Deandrea Valdez death and further investigations going into this case.

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Student Deandrea Valdez Death By Shooting

The incident took place on Friday evening in Annaville, TX, on the 100 block of Hardwood Street.

As per, two people have been taken into custody following the incident that caused the death of Valdez.

They are 17 years old and have not yet been identified to the public. Further investigations are going on to find out the details about the case.

Deandrea Valdez death
The candlelight vigil for Deandrea Valdez will soon be held. (Source: KRIS 6 News)

Sources also suggest that while she was pretending to shoot with a real gun, she accidentally shot herself. However, further investigations are going on to know the truth about this claim.

It is an unfortunate incident, and the Police officers are doing their best to find out the information about Deandrea Valdez death case.

Deandrea Valdez Obituary

Deandres Valdez death news was announced on Facebook by Corpus Christi Cronica

There have also been states that Valdez was shot and killed by the female suspect playing with the gun.

Valdez was struck in the upper leg area. A candlelight vigil will be held at the West Guth park starting Monday at 7 p.m.

The incident created a lot of shock waves in students and the entire High School. It’s unknown how the teenage girls find the real shotgun to play.

After further inspections and investigations, the police officers might soon release the details about this incident to the public.

Family Mourns The Loss

The Valdez family is in immense pain, constantly mourning the loss of their beloved daughter, Deandrea.

Valdez was a sweet, kind and lovely daughter. She was cared for, loved and adored by her parents.

Furthermore, Valdez loved to spend time with her parents and loved ones. Her kind and positive personality used to embrace happiness in her family and friends.

Deandrea Valdez death
The family mourns the loss. (Source: Interflora)

 The Valdez family is eager to find out the truth about this incident. They want to get justice for their daughter.

The incident has become very difficult for them to accept. We hope the Valdez family gets enough strength and courage to withstand this pain.

Lastly, Deandrea Valdez’s life was short but filled with happiness and sweet moments she lived with her family and friends. The family and Valdez’s close ones will never forget her.

Rest In peace, Deandrea Valdez.

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