Big Chief: Wife, New Girlfriend, Net Worth, Rehab, Divorce

Different people will have different things to say about racing. Some like the adrenaline rush that they get while driving. Some like to face the danger and some like the sensation that they get when realizing the value of even a millisecond. With one of the greatest street racers “Big Chief“, it’s his passion that leads him to sit behind the wheel and try to always gain the first position.

Big Chief
Big Chief

His success has made him appear on the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Street Outlaws“. In this article, we have covered up his life story. Know his passion for driving, net worth, and his wife. Did he get divorced? Let’s find out.

Before we get into the life of Big Chief, let’s take a glance at some of his quick facts.

Big Chief: Quick Facts

Full Name Justin Shearer
Net Worth $2 million
Date of Birth 1980 /12 /09
Nickname Justin
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Louisville, USA
Ethnicity White
Profession Reality tv personality
Nationality American
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Build Athletic
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.71m)
Children 2
Horoscope Sagittarius

 Street Outlaws

Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief is one of America’s famous street racers and a reality television personality, known for his appearance in the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Street Outlaws”. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States of America on December 9, 1980.

As of now, he is 39 years old. His father died while he was young. So, his mother alone raised him and his brother. He had a passion for racing from his childhood. So, he used to go in the street races and he had his first experience of street racing at the age of nine.

Big Chief had a passion for racing from his childhood. His childhood moments with his father are one of his favorite moments in his life.

His father used to work in motorsports and sometimes would take him to the track to show him how the work is done. He even used to include him while working on cars or while racing cars. So, he had developed a huge interest in it. To this date, he has not forgotten those moments with his father. He recalls them and describes those as one of his favorite moments of his life.

Did Big Chief Get Divorced? [Big Chief New Girlfriend]

Big Chief married Alicia Shearer after a long time they started dating. She is a respiratory therapist. They met while Big Chief was working at a gas station. Soon, they became friends and started dating. After a long time, they exchanged their vows in a private ceremony on September 29, 2006. She was just 18 years old at that time. They have two sons, Cobrin and Covil Shearer.

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However, their love couldn’t last forever. Tensions started to rise in their relationship. Rumors also started spreading about their separation in 2017. They couldn’t hide that rumor. Eventually, the public found out about their separation. They guessed that it was because of his affair with Jackie Braash. But, is it true? Let’s find out.

Big Chief has divorced Alicia Shearer and is currently in a relationship with Jackie Brassch.

Currently, he is in a relationship with Jackie Braasch. But, although many people had thought the reason for his divorce was because he was in an extramarital affair with her, it is not true. He was only committed to Jackie after her divorce with Alicia.

Although people took the news in a negative way, he took everything positively and said that those criticisms and hate didn’t worry him. He added that once they find out the truth, they would again be his fans. As for now, he is openly in a relationship with Jackie. Recently, he even mentioned that she and his ex-wife are getting together due to which he was happy.

 New Car

His love for racing is equal to his love for cars. He likes getting behind the wheel of fast and new cars. In 2015, he unveiled his new car. It was a ’68 Firebird in full Pro Mod trim called the “Crow Mod“.

Big Chief Car
Big Chiefs modified car

This race car replaced Big Chief’s 1972 Pontiac LeMans known as “The Crow“. He had wrecked it during filming.

Net Worth

Chief has a net worth of $2 million as of 2019. He earned his money mainly from his career in street racing and his job on the show “Street Outlaws”. He has become one of the most prominent cast members of the show. Furthermore, he is also one of the top racers in the USA.

As of 2019, Big Chief has a net worth of $2 million.

Before appearing on the reality show, he also worked at a gas station. He had opened a merchandise shop which contributed a little in his net worth.

 Rehab [Smoking, Drugs]

Rumors surrounded the internet when Big Chief went missing from the show. Many claimed that he was fired. Other claimed that he was in rehab. They claimed that they have a video showing Big Chief going into rehab. However, all these rumors turned out to be false.

When Big Chief announced on his Facebook that he is coming on the show sooner, every fan of his got excited about it. Also, he put the rehab rumor to rest when he said that he didn’t have any reason to go to rehab. He wasn’t addicted to any drugs.

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He was just taking some time off and getting ready to own the race when he comes back again on the show. During that time, he was working in his shop and on improving himself. Discovery Channel also couldn’t risk firing him as he is one of the most prominent stars of the show.

They would suffer a lot of loss in ratings as well as views from the audience. So, he is not fired either. He also added that in the past, he was addicted to many things and now, he has overcome them all. So, everyone is getting ready and excited to welcome him again.

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