Sonia Mabrouk Religion

People are curious about Sonia Mabrouk Religion. Is she a Muslim or not? Read this article to learn more about her.

Franco-Tunisian Journalist Sonia Mabrouk was born in Tunisia on December 17, 1977. She has primarily served as a radio and television host since 2013.

Sonia was a Journalist at Jeune Afrique before hosting programs on Europe 1 from 2013 to 2017. She continued hosting in 2018 by interviewing in the 6 to 8 pm slot, and from 2019 she will host the politics in the morning segment.

She comes from a politically active family. Her family hosts notables like Tunisia’s president Habib Bourguiba at her residence.

Her grandfather, Mongi Mabrouk, served as commerce minister during the latter’s administration. Her uncle, Hédi Mabrouk, served as ambassador of Tunisia to France before serving as Bourguiba’s final minister of foreign affairs.

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Sonia Mabrouk Religion: Is She A Muslim?

Sonia Mabrouk, a Franco-Tunisian Journalist who has made a name for herself in the French audiovisual industry, boldly admits that she is “of the Muslim religion” and “appreciates the quality of wine,” two practices that are traditionally in opposition to Islam.

Sonia Mabrouk, who lives in France and Tunisia, has made a name for herself by taking a stand against Islamic extremism.

Sonia Mabrouk Religion
Image of Sonia Mabrouk (Source:

She poses the subject of the choices provided by contemporary European civilization to persons drawn to jihadist ideology, particularly in her book In her heart, retribution slumbers.

She identifies as a Muslim who believes in God but does not follow his practices. She declares, “I am Muslim, but I adhere to Western civilization,” in an interview she gave Pascal Louvrier for Causeur, published on May 15, 2018.

Sonia Mabrouk also aims to unite civilizations by fostering cultural exchange between Mediterranean nations.

She took part in founding the Association of Unknown Museums of the Mediterranean (AMMed), an organization that collaborates with UNESCO, to accomplish this.

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Who are Sonia Mabrouk parents? A detail into Sonia Mabrouk’s family

About Sonia Mabrouk’s parents or prospective siblings, not much is known. In Tunis, where Sonia Mabrouk was raised, she was born on December 17, 1977.

She comes from a politically active family. Habib Bourguiba, the president of Tunisia, and other notables have visited her family’s home.

Sonia Mabrouk’s biography claims that she grew up in a political environment.

Her uncle was a Tunisian clergyman in Paris, and her paternal grandfather was a business pastor.

She graduated from the IHEC Management School in Carthage and continued her education at the Pantheon-Sorbonne of the Université of Paris, earning a DEA in 2000.

Sonia Mabrouk acquired French citizenship in 2010.

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What is Sonia Mabrouk net worth?

One million dollars is thought to be Sonia Mabrouk’s net worth. She relies on her work as a Journalist as her primary source of money.

She has authored numerous novels in addition to her work in journalism, so it is safe to conclude that she has also made a living from writing books.

Sonia Mabrouk Religion
Sonia Mabrouk: “An inquisitive ideology is infiltrating our society” (Source:

As a Journalist and author, she has published several books, including Sonia Mabrouk, The World Goes Wrong, My Granddaughter in Paris, Flammarion, and others.

She is also an activist. We might therefore conclude that she has a diverse source of income.

Moreover, She received the 2010 Success Trophy, which the Association France-Euro-Mediterranean presented to the National Assembly in December 2010.

52,700 euros is thought to be her annual wage. We will update this if Sonia ever makes her net worth public.

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