Siyabonga Mhlongo arrest

Ben Jabu Gumbi’s family has got little hope after Siyabonga Mhlongo arrest for the murder of Ben Jabu Gumbi.

Siyabonga Mhlonga is a resident of the Chesterville KwaZulu who is a big suspect behind the murder of Ben Jabu Gumbi, a businessman.

The incident occurred in Rustenburg, South Africa, in front of the well-known coffee shop on Kock Street when Ben Jabu Gumbi was shot on 22 August 2023 by a man wearing a white hat.

Such an incident left the community and the witnesses shocked and devastated. Some believe that the gunman and Ben Jabu Gumbi might be business-related.

A respectful businessman was murdered at 8 AM, and the incident was also caught on CCTV.

Such an act of violence left the Rustenburg community saddened and frightened. Let’s discuss the case in detail.

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Siyabonga Mhlongo Arrest And Charged For Murder Case

As mentioned earlier, Mhlongo hails from KwaZulu-Natal Chesterville. He is one of the big suspects due to his other reported involvement in the crime.

According to the sources, Mhlongo was arrested on 24 August 2023. As per the source, he is expected to appear on 26 August in the Rustenburg Magistrate’s Court.

Siyabonga Mhlongo arrest
Siyabonga Mhlongo was arrested on 24 August. (Source: YouTube)

According to KossieDerrickEnt, two men approached Ben Jabu Gumbi when he was busy on his phone. Later, one wearing a white hat fired three close-range shots and murdered Ben Jabu Gumbi.

The shots struck Gumbi’s head, and he fell to the ground. The other person fired another shot as Gumbi fell, and two men ran and escaped.

Such an incident happened so quickly that it left people shocked and stunned. 

Where Is The Killer Now?

Siyabongo Mhlongo is a big suspect in the crime and has been arrested. On the other hand, police and officials are working their best to find another man.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has said they are doing their best to provide just for Gumbi and his family.

SAPS also thanked the Rustenberg community for their cooperation and help in the investigation.

Moreover, the officials have informed people to come forward if they find any evidence or information about the other man.

Who Was Ben Jabu Gumbi?

Ben Jabu Gumbi was a respectful and well-known person in the community involved in several businesses.

Gumbi was a prominent figure and was involved in many construction projects. As per the source, he recently got a major contract.

Siyabonga Mhlongo arrest
Ben Jabu Gumbi was a respectful businessman. (Source: YouTube)

According to, shortly before Gumbi’s death, he posted on his social media that he was ready to die for the project and would never give up.

Which also somewhere indicates that Gumbi was aware that he was in danger. But his dreams and dedication to the project vanished when he was shot dead in Rustenberg’s Kock Street.

The family, relatives and the entire community are mourning the loss of Ben Jabu Gumbi and eagerly awaiting justice.

Overall, an unfortunate incident in Rustenberg caused the death of successful businessman Gumbi. We hope the authorities find the other suspect soon and provide justice to Gumbi and his family.

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