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The sudden demise of the bobsledder Simon Dunn has shocked the world. Fans and families have mourned his death, but what about Simon Dunn ex-partner?

Simon Dunn was an Australian amateur rugby player and bobsledder.

He was the first openly gay man to compete in the sport of bobsledding on behalf of any nation.

In 2016, he retired from the sport of bobsledding.

He spent several years in London before moving to Sydney, where he played amateur rugby until his departure. 

The 35-year-old was confirmed to have died by the police and his agent Ruby Rose Management.

A man’s body was reportedly discovered inside a unit on Crown Street in Surry Hills at around 10 a.m. on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

The body later turned out to be of the athlete. 

Dunn’s untimely death has shocked the LGBTIAQ+ and sporting communities. 

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Has Simon Dunn’s Ex-Partner Felix Maisey-Curtis Mourned The Death Of His Love?

No, Felix Maisey-Curtis hasn’t publicly mourned the death of Simon. But, he may have done it in real life, to where it matters. 

Felix hasn’t tweeted since 2015, and his Instagram is private.

So, it is hard to determine whether he has posted anything related to his ex-love. 

In October 2022, Simon announced his breakup with his ex-partner Felix Maisey-Curtis. 

They had been dating for five years when he announced their separation.

He referred to him as his true love, but their lengthy relationship ended when their goals and journeys changed.

Simon With His Ex-Partner
Simon With His Ex-Partner (Source: Star Observer)

Dunn gained national attention for kissing his ex-partner following the Sydney Convicts’ victory in the championship game.

The reason for his suicide is yet to be revealed, but since his biceps injury that ended his bobsled career, Dunn has opened up about his mental health issues.

He detailed the agony of being in a hospital bed and wondering if he was a “failure.”

In fact, Simon had always been candid about his challenges, including those related to his sexuality, mental health, and injury recovery.

Tributes and condolences have been shared on social media for him by friends, family members, and his community.

Simon Dunn’s Family Explored

Simon Dunn was born on 27 July 1987 in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. 

The details about his parents are hidden away from the media.

His dad and mom’s names are unknown, but they have always supported his career. 

He grew up with an older brother, Tom Dunn, who is also an athlete.

Tom won a bronze medal in the bobsled team in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

His efforts resulted in nominations for the Sports Personality of the Year category at the Australian LGBTI Awards in 2018 and 2019.

Dunn was highly renowned for his community service, support of the LGBTIAQ+ community, and artistic endeavors, in addition to his sporting accomplishments.

What Was Simon Dunn’s Net Worth?

According to Celeb Genius, the athlete Simon Dunn had a staggering net worth of $5 million. 

Simon grew up playing Rugby league in Wollongong, south of Sydney.

He initially stopped playing after coming out because he was struggling with his own sexuality and the demands of his sporting career.

However, he started playing again after returning from Canada and joining the Sydney Convicts Rugby team.

Simon Practicing
Simon Practicing (Source:

Dunn had the chance to test out for the Australian bobsleigh squad and was selected to play for his country. 

Although he announced his retirement in 2016, the player tried to come back on the bobsled in 2021.

He had also declared his intention to compete for Australia at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, but a significant biceps injury forced him into early retirement.

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