Sijara Eubanks girlfriend

Even though Sijara Eubanks girlfriend, Lilly Ruiz, gave birth to a baby daughter through a complicated ICI procedure, the couple is likely to be separated over a domestic violence allegation.

Sijara Jihan Eubanks is a professional MMA fighter from the United States. She fights in the women’s bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Despite kidney failure, Sarj recovered and fought back, challenging the guts of other MMA fighters.

According to analytics, after an undefeated MMA record as an amateur, Jihan turned pro in April 2015 and started her career in the bantamweight division with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) style of fighting.

Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Sijara started her training in BJJ under coach Lloyd Irvin Jr., a black belt practitioner of BJJ.

The strong lady later started to train in mixed martial arts and several other disciplines to fight with strength and pace.

Source discovered diving into the personal life of Sarj, details about Sijara Eubanks girlfriend. The 38 -year-old UFC professional fighter is openly lesbian.

Sijara Eubanks girlfriend, or live-in partner, came to light after a Twitter video of Sirjncharge physically confronting her was posted. 

Lilly Ruiz, Sijara Eubanks girlfriend, and Sijara have a daughter together. In April 2017, Ruiz gave birth to a baby girl through an ICI procedure, but according to reports, there were several complications in the delivery.

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Sijara Eubanks: Family Background And Dating History

She didn’t reveal her parents’ names or professions to maintain privacy. But after her personal information leaked, every detail about her family came to light.

Sijara Eubanks’ mother is Ree, and her father is Segun Eubanks. Both her mother and father are African-American. And Sarj was born on April 27, 1985, in Springfield, Massachusetts, to the Eubanks couple.

Segun has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, making him a man of considerable education. His Instagram account is @saygoon55.

Her mother’s name is Ree, but nobody knows much about her. Even sources discovered Sijara’s mother’s name through her Instagram account, @bakersha44. Thus, she remains a mystery. She prefers keeping a low profile and avoiding the spotlight.

Sijara Eubanks girlfriend
Sijara Eubanks’s Father, Mother, and Siblings (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with the news media in 2017, Sarj stated that she prefers to keep things private and is already involved in enough controversy to reveal more about herself.

According to analytics, people in the research found that Sijara Eubanks had several previous relationships before her fans and admirers discovered that she was a lesbian. No details about her former partners are currently revealed.

As per media sources, she’s a private lady who focuses more on her career than relationships. And that might be the reason she is single after her potential breakup with former live-in partner Lilly Ruiz.

Despite being one of the most successful female MMA fighters in the UFC, information about Sijara Eubanks girlfriend or boyfriend is limited and very scarce. 

In conclusion, the lady fighter has not revealed much about her personal life or previous relationships.

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Relationship Timeline With Lilly: Sijara Eubanks Girlfriend

Eubanks is an openly lesbian athlete. The lady may have had several relationships, but only information about Lilly Ruiz, Sijara Eubanks’s girlfriend, and her daughter, Xylan Eubanks, is available on the internet.

Sarj was reportedly married to her ex-wife, Lily Ruiz, but no reliable source has verified this. As per analytics, their partnership started a long time ago.

Sijara Eubanks girlfriend, Lily, and the fighter met a couple of years ago at a UFC competition. They soon started dating, and that went quite well for years.

Later, they got together and decided to start a family. Ruiz gave birth to a baby daughter named Xylan Eubanks in 2017 after a difficult pregnancy and ICI delivery process.

Sijara eubanks girlfriend
Sijara Eubanks With Her Girlfriend Lilly During Her Pregnancy. (Source: Instagram)

The couple then became proud parents, but things didn’t go well. Sijara herself posted a video to her Twitter page. Sarj altercation with Lily and abuse of her in front of their child, Xylan, were captured on camera.

People in media houses set up several debates, and the UFC professional fighter was accused of domestic violence. According to Sijara, she was portrayed as the villain in the situation.

People taking her for granted never heard her side of the story because others didn’t believe someone like her could face domestic abuse.

However, the couple reportedly broke up, and Sijara Eubanks girlfriend, Ruiz, and the fighter parted ways. And today, the lady monster is single and fighting in the UFC, focusing more on her career.

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