Sierra Oakley Age, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Twitter

With the growing rate in animal husbandry and the food industry, more and more people are getting conscious of the little animals. Despite their inability to speak, many have been raising their voices for them. One of them is Sierra Oakley.

However, Oakley is not an activist; she is a veterinarian like her mother, Dr. Michelle Oakley. Inspired by her mother, Sierra also aspires to an integral part of the life of an animal.

Let’s get to know about this bundle of sunshine, which is passionate about animal care and rescue.

Sierra Oakley Age
Sierra Oakley looking hot 

But first, some facts about the youngest Oakley might help.

Sierra Oakley: Quick Facts

Full Name: Sierra Oakley
Age: 22 years
Birth Date: July 15, 1997
Horoscope: Cancer
Birth Place: Yukon, Canada
Mother’s Name: Michelle Oakley
Father’s Name: Shane Oakley
Height: 5 feet 9 inches(175 cm)
Weight: 58 kg(127 lbs)
Profession: Veterinarian, TV Star
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Age and Body Measurements: How Old Is Sierra Oakley?

The aspiring veterinarian, Oakley, is not only blessed with a beautiful heart but looks as well. Animal lover, Sierra, was born on July 15, 1997, which makes her 22 years old as of now. Also, her birth sign is Cancer.

Aside from that, the 22-year-old is tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches(175 cm). While her weight is 58 kg(127 lbs). Not to mention, the young Oakley has got a slim yet toned body. Unfortunately, the measurements are unknown at the moment.

Sierra Oakley height
Sierra Oakley looking hot

Likewise, Oakley has got long dark brown hair and has got dark brown eyes as well.

Early Life and Education: What Is Dr. Oakley’s Nationality?

Born to her parents, Michelle Oakley and Shane Oakley, Sierra is the eldest child of the Oakley couple. Born and raised in Yukon, Canada, Oakley grew up alongside her two sisters, Maya and Willow Oakley.

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Similarly, Canadian by nationality, Oakley ethnicity is unknown. Also, the eldest Oakley is currently residing in Haines Junction. During her childhood, Sierra was highly influenced by her mother, Michelle, a veterinarian.

Sierra Oakley mother
Sierra Oakley with her mother and sister

As for her education, Oakley is currently a senior at the University of St. Francis Xavier, Canada. Also, she used to play hockey in her school in a forward position.

Net Worth and Income: How Much Does Sierra Earn?

Still a student, Oakley is not working at the moment. Since she is working hard to be a veterinarian, Sierra is focusing solely on that. As of now, the eldest daughter is getting everything from her parents. Hence, her net worth is unknown at the moment.

Moreover, Sierra’s income and earnings are also unknown. The news comes as no surprise since she is still a student.

Personal Life: Who Is Sierra Oakley’s Boyfriend? Is She Married?

The eldest child of Michelle, a veterinarian, is growing as we speak. From her appearance on the show ‘Yukon Vet,’ Oakley has stolen the hearts of many. With this, many have been curious about her life and want to know in-depth.

Most of them want to know about Sierra’s life, especially her love life. However, the young star has not mentioned much when it comes to her private life. It seems the eldest Oakley is more focused on pursuing her career at the moment.

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Even when Sierra appears on the show, the young girl gives her attention to animals and their care, above anything else. But there’s no denying that Oakley is already at the age to fall in love.

Sierra Oakley college
Sierra Oakley is training to be a vet

Likewise, she might have someone but might be avoiding to talk about it. Well, if that’s the case, don’t you think it would be best to grant that wish? Don’t worry; we will update if something new pops regarding it.

Career and Achievements: Who Is Sierra Oakley?

As mentioned above, Sierra is someone who is aspiring to be like her mother. Though she is yet to graduate, Oakley is on the path of becoming a capable veterinarian. For this, the eldest of the Oakley is getting enough support from her parents.

However, as of now, Sierra does not have a job. To make it clear, she is unemployed. But Sierra does assist her mother, Michelle, on her work.

Sierra Oakley bikini
Sierra Oakley

Because of it, Sierra has made an appearance on Michelle’s show called ‘Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet.’ From the enthusiasm she has shown, Sierra will one day for sure become a well-known veterinarian.

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But for now, we, the audience, will have to wait and see until the day comes.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  5,620 Followers

Twitter–  5,051 Followers

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  1. Sierra is lovely isn’t she? For being only 22 she has the poise of someone older. What makes her so precious is the love she has for her family and the love she has for animals. Her intelligence shines through. Her family must be so proud. I love watching her because when she’s on a mission she doesn’t become side-tracked. This is just like her mother. She’s definitely one to watch. And Sierra if you’re reading this on the last several shows you’ve been wearing a delicate necklace, basically it’s just about your neck and has maybe cranberry(?) colored small stones and several little jewel lengths hanging off the chain. My heart stopped when I saw it. Could you please tell me from where it was purchased and perhaps the price. I have to have one. I am virtually homebound with several health challenges. I watch all your mums shows and vicariously live through you all in the scenic gift from God that you call home. Thanks!!

  2. Love Dr. Oakleys shows. Watch them in Spartanburg, SC Monday thru Friday. Dr. Oakley is on for four straight hours. Cannot wait to get up and turn on TV. Love this entire family. I love animals so much and really enjoy her and family. My granddaughter Sarah who is 14 years old watches her also. She and my niece want to be DVM. Please don’t ever take this show off it teaches so much about love and caring.


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