Sarah Wilson Shot By Police

Recently Sarah Wilson Death news sparked Internet users and started trending on the web. Was Sarah Wilson Shot By Police? 

Concerned authorities in Virginia suggested that Wilson shot herself in the face on 25 July 2018. 

Virginia’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s investigation report confirmed that Wilson’s death had been a suicide after Police opened an inquiry into the case.

During the traffic check, authorities attempted to subdue her boyfriend, Holden Medlin, 27, but Medlin resisted arrest.

Allegedly, Wilson pulled a gun out and shot herself in the process.

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Was Sarah Wilson Shot By Police? 

Sarah Wilson, 19, killed herself from a self-inflicted gunshot to the face on 25 July 2018 while wearing handcuffs.

Sarah Wilson Death
Sarah Wilson, 19, committed suicide during Police a traffic check. (Source: Daily Mail)

Virginia authorities suggested that Wilson and her boyfriend were stuck in a traffic check in Chesapeake, Virginia when the incident happened.

Chesapeake Police Department’s spokesman Leo Kosinski in a 2018’s interview, said that Wilson pulled a gun out of her boyfriend’s car and shot herself.

The investigating team verified that Wilson committed suicide. She died of an intra-oral gunshot wound. 

Following an official inquiry into the case, the Chief Medical Virginia Office reported her death news to the media.

Moreover, Police Department’s spokesman Kosinski said that one of the officers dutied in the traffic check had a body cam.

But unfortunately, no footage was recorded as his body cam had been disabled at the time of Wilson’s passing.

Two officers, including vice narcotics and patrol officers, closely observed Wilson and her boyfriend, Holden Medlin.

After pulling them over, the Chesapeake Police Officers attempted to subdue Medlin when he attempted to flee.

Eventually, the officers handcuffed(only left hands) Wilson. Meanwhile, her boyfriend’s car was parked at the side.

Then Wilson reached the car, pulled out a gun, and allegedly shot herself.

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Sarah Wilson’s Case: Suicide Or Murder?

ABC 13 released a report, saying that the officers failed to capture his body camera footage.

The cop claimed that his body camera malfunctioned during the incident with Wilson.

After the incident, officers recovered several illegal and dangerous items from Wilson’s boyfriend Medlin’s car. They found drug paraphernalia, oxycodone, a syringe, and a rifle with some ammo.

Her boyfriend, Medlin, was accused of fleeing from a law enforcement officer. Medlin possessed an illegal firearm and other Schedule I or II substances (possessing suboxone, oxycodone, and paraphernalia).

Chesapeake Police Department pulled over Sarah Wilson, 19, and her boyfriend, Holden Medlin, 28, while traveling close to the Berkley Avenue Extension and Wilson Road intersection on 25 July 2018. 

Wilson’s postmortem report suggested that she died of an intra-oral gunshot wound as she shot herself in the mouth with a Taurus Judge handgun while wearing handcuffs.

The medical examiner also verified the report. Hence, Wilson’s case is a suicide during a violent Police encounter. 

Family Tree Of Sarah Wilson

Not much has been released about Sarah Wilson’s family background. But Wilson’s mother seeks justice for her daughter’s alleged suicide. 

Sarah Wilson family tree
Sarah Wilson’s family tree. (Source: 13News Now)

Internet users have been closely observing her case for years, while the concerned authorities have been showing scant info on Wilson’s death. 

Even though the Chesapeake Police briefly described what transpired during the incident, their refusal to recover the body camera footage generated suspicion among the public.

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