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It’s a well-known phenom that people tend to get famous after their death. Similar is the case of Sammy Shore, who is an actor, comedy, and also the founder of Comedy Store. One of the famous comedy shows in the world.

Sammy might not be around at this point, but his works always remain around the circuit without a doubt. There is more to know about the man than just being a comedian or a celebrity. Stay with us till the very end so that we can provide everything in detail.

Sammy Shore net worth
Sammy Shore with Elvis Presley

But first, some quick facts does justice to the search

Sammy Shore: Quick Facts

Full Name Sammy Shore
Date of Birth 1927/02 /07
Nickname Shore
Marital Status Married
Birthplace LA, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 92
Profession Actor, Comedian
Nationality American
Height 5’9″
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Sun Sign Aquarius
Children 4
Net Worth $30 million


Sammy Shore was born on 7th February 1927 in LA. The name of his parents is not known to the general media. The time and age Shore was born well; people wouldn’t be so open about their personal life information. Besides the parent name, nothing on the siblings is also available. It seems like the secrecy is pretty tight for the man.

Sammy holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. His zodiac sign falls under Aquarius, which suggests the fact that he is open and honest at the same time.

Age and Body Measurements

Sammy would have been 93 years old if his death didn’t come in the way. He stands at the height of 5 ft 9 inches and weighs 65 kgs. His tall stature and smile, which never faded away, made many fans for him. Moreover, the body measurements stood at 40-33-38 inches.

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Shore had a shoe size of 8 and also a bicep of 14 inches. This talented comedian was highly focused upon his body, which resulted in a healthy diet and regular workout schedules. To complete the physical outlook, black eyes and hair of the same color played an important role.

Early Life and Education

Sammy was born in LA and spent his childhood there with the family and siblings. His early life was pretty decent, with most of the needs being fulfilled with ease. Although his parents’ name is not known, we feel that he was raised with complete care. Added to that, there was freedom in the family to choose a career of will.

In the case of educational background though, Shore is pretty silent. There is hardly anything available about the educational institute attained. The keen interest in comedy suggests that some art college was the way to go.


Sammy Shore is one of the legends of the industry that has launched lots of stars. But his career started way early with some struggles. Shore’s career began doing standup comedy alongside Shecky Greene in the Catskill Mountains.

Things were going slow and steady for Shore when he received an opportunity to open for Elvis Presley’s comeback performance at International Hotel in 1962.

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Shore was so right in his skill that he did opening acts like Tony Orlando, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr, and many more. What made him famous surely is the Comedy Store.

In the year 1972, Shore, along with Rudy De Luca, started this show, and things began to happen for Hollywood. From this same platform, lots of actors started their careers.

Sammy Shore child
Sammy Shore with Son Paul

Some of them are Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, David Letterman, Robin Williams, his son Paul and many more.

Not only in the comedy field, but Sammy has been part of movies too. Yes, The Bellboy, Life Stinks, History of World War Part 1, The Ed Sullivan Show are the honorable mentions.

Wife| Who Is Sammy Shore Wife?

Sammy lived an outstanding life where his family and friends were always around to support the man. During his 90 year-long life, the man has been in more than one relationship and enjoyed great comfort in it.

The name of the wife is Mitzi Shore. Both the lovebirds met during an event in the 1940s and started dating immediately. Their dating stint went to marriage in 1950. It was a pretty sacred event where the family and friends were called.

Things were going perfect when they made way after 24 years. Their marriage was pretty unique, with many years behind them. In 1974 both of them made ways for each other.

After separating from Mitzi, Sammy found another woman in his life. Her name was Suzanne Dennie Shore. Sources claim both of them were together during the time of the death of Sammy Shore.

One of the things that readers might be unaware of is that the first wife of Sammy died in 2018 due to unknown neurological disorders. It was a pretty tough time for the comedian.


Sammy is blessed with pretty talented and famous kids in the industry at this point. Sammy has four kids from his previous marriage. Their names are Paul, Scott, Sandy, and Peter.

Paul is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker who came to the fore his father’s institute and made a mark for himself. Even after the death of Shore, his kids will take his legacy forward.


One of the disheartening news that came to the media is about the death of Sammy Shore. The man who lived larger than life career passed away silent.

It was on May 18, 2019, that Shore died of natural causes. His death was confirmed by his son and stated that death was around the presence of the family members.

Net Worth| How Much Does Sammy Shore Earns?

Without a doubt, Shore is one of the well known and respected comedians in the circuit. His contribution to Hollywood has given a lot of stars without a doubt. In his long career, Sammy made good fans and fortunes too.

As of now, Shore owns a net worth of $30 million. This amount is basically from the contribution to the field of acting and comedy. Although there is proper information on net worth, nothing accurate on the annual income and assets owned is available.

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After the untimely death of the star surely, his net worth count is halted, but his kids will put forward his legacy. In his free time, Sammy would love to read books and also write a poem that fascinated him. All of this suggests the comedy guru lived a beautiful life.

Social Media Reach

Sammy Shore came, he saw, and he conquered. During his time of fame, there were hardly any social media platforms that would be of note. So it can be said easily that Sammy has no social media profiles. Yes, it is a pity.

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