Samer Hernandez Mugshot

Samer Hernandez Mugshot: Romeoville Armed Suspect Arrested After An Hours-long Manhunt.

A Romeoville officer has identified a suspect named Samer Hernandez as the individual who shot a Police officer during a foot chase in the early hours of Thursday, May 25, 2023.

The incident occurred at approximately 12:13 am near the intersection of Sierra Trail and Summerfield Drive.

According to Romeoville Police, officers discovered a stolen vehicle and proceeded to approach it for investigation.

At the same time, the suspect, Samer Hernandez, also approached. It was during this encounter that the officer was shot in the shoulder.

The investigation initially focused on the stolen vehicle but quickly intensified when officers initiated a pursuit on foot after the suspect.

As a result, an exchange of gunfire occurred, and an officer sustained a gunshot wound to the right shoulder.

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Samer Hernandez Mugshot: Romeoville Armed Suspect Arrested

According to the Police, after an extensive search that lasted for several hours, law enforcement arrested a 29-year-old suspect, Samer Hernandez, who had a lengthy criminal record and was on parole.

At first, Romeoville Police noticed a stolen vehicle in a residential area near Sierra Trail and Summerfield Drive.

Upon conducting an investigation, the suspect, later identified as Samer Hernandez, reappeared at the stolen car’s location.

Allegedly, he fired shots at the officers, striking one in the shoulder. The injured officer was swiftly transported to the hospital shortly after midnight.

Samer Hernandez Mugshot
According to the Police, after an extensive search that lasted for several hours, law enforcement arrested a 29-year-old suspect, Samer Hernandez (Source: Fox32chicago)

After an extensive search involving Romeoville Police, the Will County Sheriff’s Office, the Illinois State Police, SWAT teams, K9 units, drones, and numerous other agencies, the suspect was located approximately five hours later, around 5:45 am.

Further, Romeoville Police Chief Kroll reported that the suspect was discovered in a backyard less than a mile from the initial incident location. He had concealed himself within some shrubbery.

On the other hand, Miranda Kranenborg, who had followed the shelter-in-place orders, did not know that the suspect was just steps away from her. Shestating, “I guess he was hiding in this little corner. He came in through this little gated area back here.”

Kranenborg described the unsettling experience of having a fully-equipped Police officer, shield raised, knocking on her glass back door. They informed her that the suspect had been apprehended and found in her backyard, leaving her feeling unnerved.

Investigating the Criminal Charges Against Samer Hernandez: A Comprehensive Overview

Samer Hernandez faces armed robbery charges concerning a stolen vehicle incident in Romeoville on Saturday.

His bail has been set at $5,000,000, and he has been transported to the Will County Jail.

According to the Police, charges about the attempted murder of the officer are currently pending in connection with the incident. The Will County Major Crimes Task Force has taken charge of the investigation.

Samer Hernandez Mugshot
Samer Hernandez faces armed robbery charges concerning a stolen vehicle incident in Romeoville on Saturday (Source: Cbsnews)

Before the arrest, a shelter-in-place order was implemented, leaving some residents unaware of the events unfolding nearby.

However, the order was lifted shortly before 6 am once it was determined that there was no longer any threat to the community.

Maricel Betz, a resident, shared her experience with CBS 2’s Sara Machi, expressing her surprise at witnessing such intense activity in her neighborhood.

She recounted the uncertainty and worry that gripped the residents, mentioning the presence of Police officers equipped with rifles.

The tense situation kept them awake throughout the night, unsure whether they should take refuge in the basement or adopt other safety measures.

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Romeoville Case Update

One of its officers was shot, according to the Romeoville Police Department, overnight on Thursday.

According to the police, it occurred as authorities were looking into a stolen car near Summerfield Drive and Sierra Trail.

According to Romeoville Police, the suspect fled from the vehicle when cops approached it before shooting the officer.

Police detained Samer Hernandez, 29, the suspect later in the morning.

After being shot in the shoulder, the police officer was brought to Loyola University Medical Center. According to the police, their condition has not changed.

The investigation is ongoing.

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