Ryan Bergara

Buzzfeed is one of the popular internet media and news outfits in the states that has been serving people for an extended period. Many members tend to work harder to provide the necessary output for the people to watch. Ryan Bergara is one of those members who produce videos and makes people enlightened.

Ryan is a multi-talented guy who works as an editor, writer, director, and many more. His skills are at massive ounces, and we will let you all know in detail about what exactly is Ryan made of, his personal life too.

Ryan Bergara net worth
Ryan Bergara

But first, some quick facts that tend to help the cause.

Ryan Bergara: Quick Facts

Full Name Ryan Steven Bergara
Date of Birth 1990/11 /26
Nickname Ryan Bergara
Marital Status In a relationship
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5’8″
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American
Girlfriend Helen Pan
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Online Presence Twitter, Instagram
Net Worth $1 million


On 26th November 1990, Ryan Steven Bergara was born in the United States of America. The name of his parents are not known to the general media, but sources suggest the fact that he had a brother whose name is not known to the general people too.

Nonetheless, Ryan had a pretty decent relationship with his family and siblings, also.

Bergara belongs to American nationality, but his ethnicity is mixed. It constitutes of Japanese, Filipino, and Mexican. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, who is known for being free-spirited and risk-taker.

Age and Body Measurements- How Old is Ryan Bergara?

Ryan Bergara was born in the year 1990, which makes him 29 years old as of now. He stands at the height of 5’8″, which is equivalent to 172 cm, and weighs 68 kgs. His mixed ethnicity tends to help his facial expression glow in and out.

Not to mention, his class and his personality exactly suit his height and weight. Sadly there is no information about the vital body statistics.

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Along with the height and weight measurements, his shining eyes tend to resemble the brown color, and his hair is also of the dark brown looks. His muscular body and work being the first ethics have helped him earn success.

Early Life and Education

Ryan Bergara, the famous YouTuber, was born somewhere in the USA and spent most of his childhood there. Even though there is no information on his parents and siblings, sources suggest that he had a pretty good and understandable relationship with his family.

Moreover, the environment of freedom to choose a career has helped him to garner the needed success.


For Ryan’s educational background, though Bergara attended Chapman University and also graduated from the same place. His interest in cinematography from a younger age has helped him to garner the blueprint for the future.

Chapman University provided Ryan with a degree in Television and Broadcast Journalism.

Ryan Bergara- Career As a YouTuber

After graduating from Chapman in 2013, the talented guy took up the internship at Sony Pictures. This internship helped him gain the required experience and credibility as he was also part of community service.

After leaving Sony Pictures, this hard worker joined Viacom as the production manager. Like most successful people get the taste of many things, Bergara joined Take One Production as a camera operator.

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Till this point in the article, the readers might be aware that Ryan is a substantial multi-talented guy, the talent met the opportunity at last. In 2014 when Bergara joined Buzzfeed, things started to work for him. His role was a video producer, and the creation of Buzzfeed Unsolved was one of the biggest hits of the show.

The partner for the show turned out to be Shane Madej. In Buzzfeed, this individual performs dual-task and also prospers in it. Some of Ryan’s commendable works include Business and Friends, All of Me, Casey Wong: Monster Maker Part 1, and many more.

We feel that Bergara is increasing the bar for success with each passing year, so we think that there is more to come from this talented guy in the future.

Ryan Bergara Girlfriend- Is he dating anyone?

It might be surprising if such a talented individual doesn’t have a better half. Well, there is no surprise to the thing that he is in a relationship. Ryan is in a relationship with Helen Pan. Both of them met back in 2012 and started dating immediately as their feelings were mutual.

Ryan Bergara girlfriend
Ryan Bergara and Helen Pan

Helen and Bergara are together and were once rumored to be parting ways, but it wasn’t the real story. We feel that there is some good news coming around the corner, be it the engagement or the marriage. We will let you know about all of it.

Ryan Bergara Net Worth and Income

Ryan Bergara is a talented guy who can do a lot of things with high accuracy and precision too. His work behind the camera is equally useful to that of the work in front of the camera. As of 2020, the estimated net worth of Ryan is $1 million.

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All of this results from his hard work in directing, writing, video creation, and many more. Not only the net worth, but the annual income is between $50k to $80k per annum. We believe that he lives in a massive mansion with his loved ones.

Social Media Reach

Instagram706k followers

Twitter– 315.6k followers

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