Ruby Franke ethnicity

Since YouTube star Franke was charged with child abuse, the public is curious to know about Ruby Franke ethnicity.

Ruby Franke is a famous American Youtuber who rose to fame from her YouTube channel named 8 Passengers.

Franke was born on 18 January 1982 in Utah, United States. She often provides parenting advice to people through her social media account.

Franke completed her education at The University of Alabama. She previously worked as an English Teacher at West Morgan High School. Furthermore, Franke is married to Kevin Franke, and she is the mother of six children.

Ruby Franke gained much fame for her parenting advice on social media. But recently, Franke was charged with felony child abuse along with her business partner Hildebrandt when authorities found that they were abusing their children.

After the incident, curiosity begins in people regarding Ruby Franke ethnicity and personal life. Let’s talk about this below.

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Ruby Franke Ethnicity And Race

Ruby was rising on social media, but the recent case against her aroused curiosity about Ruby Franke ethnicity.

Franke was born in the United States, and as per GhBase, she belongs to parents of Welsh descent.

Ruby Franke ethnicity
Ruby Franke is of Welsh descent from her parents. (Source: People)

It is unknown where Franke’s parents are initially from, but She belongs to Welsh ethnicity and descent as part of her family.

However, Ruby Franke is known for parenting suggestions on her social media, but she has not revealed much about her parents.

As people are gaining much curiosity regarding Ruby Franke ethnicity, Franke is also of Welsh descent as her parents.

Where Ruby Franke Is From?

Ruby Franke was born and raised in Utah, United States. She was the eldest among five siblings.

As the eldest child of the family, it’s evident that Ruby was the responsible sister of her brothers as their guilder and mentor. 

This can also be why she is so focused on parenting and guiding. She married her longtime boyfriend, Kevin Franke, when Ruby was 18.

The pair gave birth to their six children and were currently residing in Springville, Utah.

Per the People, Kevin Franke and Ruby Franke have lived separately for the last 13 months. During the incident, Ruby and her children lived at her business partner’s home in Ivins, Utah.

Ruby Franke Family Details

After getting married to Kevin Franke, Ruby and Kevin built the family with their six children.

The children were Abby Franke, Julie Franke, Russell Franke, Chad Franke, Eve Franke and Shari Franke. Two of the children were adults, and Shari Franke was the eldest of all.

Ruby gained popularity through her family’s YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, where she appears with her husband and children, providing parenting advice to people.

Ruby Franke ethnicity
Ruby Franke is the mother of six children. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ruby and her husband had difficult times in their relationship as they lived separately for about the last 13 months.

More truth emerged from the family when one of Ruby’s sons escaped, desperately asking for food and water in the neighborhood.

Later, other children, 12-year-old Russell and 10-year-old Eve, were also found malnourished and in poor condition at the residence. 

This is why Franke and her business partner were arrested and charged with abusing the children.

Overall, Ruby Franke gained much support from the viewers for her content on social media. However, the recent incident and Ruby’s behavior towards her children have shocked the world and many viewers.

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