Reza Farahan

From a reality TV star to a real estate agent, from a loving husband to a hairline businessman, our famous TV star, Reza Farahan from Shahs of Sunset is a person we have to be inspired. Having Iranian ethnicity and coming from a more conservative society who do not openly think well about ‘homosexuals,’ he has certainly made a name of his own.

Let’s read below to know more about him.

Reza Farhaan homosexual
Reza Farahan

Quick Facts

Full Name: Reza Farahan
Date of Birth: August 5, 1973
Age: 46 years old
Birthplace: Tehran, Iran
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Iranian, American
Profession: Real estate agent, Reality TV star
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Adam Neely
Height: 5’8″
Weight: N/A
Sun Sign: Leo
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Black
Father: Manoochehr Farahan
Net Worth: $7 million
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Reza Farahan Bio

Reza Farahan has a mixed ethnicity, i.e., half Muslim and half Jewish. He does not feel ashamed of being gay and admits it openly.

He even supports other LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) personalities. But, it was not easy during his early life, however. He had to hear a lot(not good things) from others because of his sexuality.

Young Reza Farahan
Young Reza Farahan

The above picture shows Reza Farahan when he was young. He is in the right. This photo was taken in 1996.

Later, he started supporting and being the voice of the gay community in Persia. Although he had trouble with others, his family supported him fully.

He first came into the limelight, and his primary source of income, too, at first was through the series Shahs of sunset

After earning name and fame from his acting carer, he involved himself in the real estate business, which substantially benefited him.

He earned pretty much through ‘Shahs of Sunset,’ but all the contribution to his net worth was through involvement in real estate.

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How tall is Reza from Shahs of Sunset?

His height is 5 feet, 8 inches.

Reza Farahan Age

Reha Farahan was born on 5th August 1973 in Iran. His father’s name is Manoochehr Farahan. He did his schooling at Beverly Hills High School and graduated from San Francisco State University.

Reza Farahan’s age is 46 years old in 2019.

Net Worth

Reza Farhaan Agent
Reza on a luxury trip

Being a real estate agent and reality television star, Reza Farahan has become successful in accumulating 7 million dollars in his net worth.

He is a hard worker, does his duties and responsibilities well, and when the time comes for enjoying and celebrating, he does not hold back.

He and Mercedes “MJ Javid are co-workers in the Kelly Williams real estate agency and good friends.

Reza Farahan Real Estate Broker

His childhood love for real estate and the passion that he had for it has made him successful in the present.

He used to see pictures of houses in the newspaper every Sunday during his childhood and would give suggestions to his parents to make improvements in their home.

He works at Keller Williams Realty in West Hollywood. His love for homes is one thing that someone can find astonishing as he said he wanted to build homes, sell, decorate, remodel, and be involved in every aspect of it. Everyone has some passion, and it’s ‘homes’ in the case of Reza Farahan.

From him, we can learn that if we follow our passion, no matter what it is, we will be happy and prosperous in our life.

He has become a top-selling Los Angeles agent, selling more than 76% of properties in Los Angeles and more than 18 condos than the average agent.

Reza Farahan Husband

Reza Farahan and his husband Adam Neely look lovely together. They love each other a lot. Although they went through a challenging situation lately, they still have not given up on each other.

Farahan felt like he was not being appreciated enough, and a small thing ignited their dispute, due to which there was even a rumor of divorce.

But, true love will always find its way no matter how hard the situation. Similarly, they have focused on getting relationship counseling and working together. There was no hope lost, and things seem to have improved.

Reza Net worth
Reza with his partner

They are planning to become parents now. While Reza thinks it’s a good idea to adopt as there are so many homeless children that need homes, Adam wants a biological child.

They are going to sell the condo to fund the baby process further as after consulting a fertility specialist, they came to the idea that it would cost six figures.

Reza even already has come up with different names for his baby-like Johnathan, Matthew, etc., and has to come up with another too, as Adam wants twins.

Although no one is a mother technically, it is no doubt that the two are going to be perfect dads. Adam even has found a way to satisfy his wants by nurturing his friend’s kids.

Reza Farahan Weight Loss

Reza Farahan, as a young man was a runner and very fit. He was not obese. But, later in life, when he focused more on his real estate business, Shahs of sunset, and other things, he forgot to take care of his own body.

After realizing that he looked very different from when he was young, he decided to make changes in his lifestyle.

He realized that fact after an old friend of his almost didn’t recognize him. That was the wake-up call for him.

After that, he couldn’t just sit and rest. He started hitting the gym and training very hard. After regular exercise for some months, he successfully lost 40 pounds. He has improved his food habits too.

Before, he used to eat anything that he could get his hands on without thinking about whether it is healthy or unhealthy.

He was too busy to think about those things. But now, he follows a strict diet. He eats egg whites daily to keep himself fit. But, he doesn’t like eating egg yolk.

He has even shared his pictures on Instagram, showing his progress, and he promises to keep working until he gets a six-pack.

Reza Farahan Shampoo

Our famous real estate businessman has involved himself in the haircare industry. He got involved in this when he visited a dog park and fell in love with a woman in the haircare business. His new gold-infused hair care line is called REZA Be Obsessed.

If you want to know more about the products, you can find details about them on Although they are luxurious goods, the price for them is quite affordable.


Reza Farahan Instagram And Twitter

Reza Farahan has 664k followers on Instagram and 195k followers on Twitter.

You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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