Review of Joker – Why it’s the most influential movie of the century?

Hahaha, “I just hope my Death pays, more cents than my Life.” The phenomenal movie surely lived up to it’s hype! Let’s get down to business, while you stay on couch as the serenity held up the meeting in centuries to gather the bold words, for the unimaginable review of JOKER!

Review of Joker – Here’s why this Joker movie review suspect it as the “Film of the Decade?”

Have you ever thought, what’s in it for the people down the street? Clearly NO! If you are contemplating than you clearly have never thought about it. And even if you live by the corner, I swear that you haven’t live the most out of your life.

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Well, that’s what the two hours long fuss in the Gotham City, is all about. Set, back in time before ‘The Dark Night Rises’,¬†the director Todd Philips surely had his own label, creating one of the most influential movie of all time.

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker 

Deeply rooted into society’s crystal nature, JOKER is an emotion, a psychological, socio-political, & controversial movie/film, that surely brings conscience to harm the humanity for the better good of tomorrow!

“JOKER ain’t like the today’s typical “fun, light-hearted, entertaining, popcorn, & simple” movie (and this is definitely not a movie for little kids/children, so please do consider, not bringing little kids when watching this.

A bitter truth shapes the dark knight in the future!

It’s a masterpiece really! Based on the reality of life, the DC Comic chooses Arthur Fleck, a failed and isolated comedian abandoned by the society and his family, who even doesn’t know what is really going on, until he turns the chapter where it all begins, just to find out that his mother underwent a delusional disorder.

Once again, the spring time has arrived to this beautiful world, as we know, and to many it may not. But all those timely spell was not able to flush the misery of Mr. Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) that has fallen into the evil hands. As history repeats itself, to all of us, sometimes by tragedy and sometimes by force. Mr. Arthur’s life repeats as it is, but this time in the form of comedy.

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But it is not like the comedy you hear every day; it is an utterly beautiful and devastating as well as a bold emotion. Can you walk down the street as a clown? Can you face all the humiliation in the world, the kind that makes you feel inhumane and still smile? Can you strive for greatness, even when you have hit solid rock bottom, and act like nothing’s wrong?

The director Todd Phillips’s, Joker movie is frenetically celebrated and a possible Oscars 2020 blessing (otherwise unthinkable for a comic-based film) is speculated violently, where Pheonix portrays a marvelous act!

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If you are deprived of the emotions then be sure to watch this movie once it hit the theater once and you will know.

If you don’t even have a slight idea about how this movie will unravel then this trailer can come in handy.

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