Robert Crummie death

Carla Crummie was married to her husband Robert, and there is curiosity regarding Robert Crummie death and sudden cause.

Dr. Carla Crummmie is a Christian therapist and John Maxwell certified life coach. She is also an author.

Crummie also served as the ambassador of the Urban Alternative. According to reliable sources, she used to practice gynecology in Atlanta, Georgia.

Furthermore, Crummie plays an essential role as a therapist. She began counseling in Church in 2009. Her therapies and suggestions play essential roles in healing blended families and couples.

Recently, Crummie engaged Dr. Tom Evans. Evans is also an author and broadcaster. Crummie was previously married to Dr. Robert Crummie, who passed away in 2020.

Let’s talk more about Dr. Carla Crummie’s personal life and Robert Crummie death cause below.

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Remembering Robert Crummie Death

Dr. Robert Crummie was a respectful and kind person whose sudden demise has affected many of his loved ones.

Crummie was a loving husband and father of his two children. He is known for serving as the President of Carver College for nearly two decades. 

According to DTS Voice, Crummie is a Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church pastor. His unexpected demise has affected his prayers and colleagues.

Robert Crummie’s death saddened many people, and it was a significant loss for the community that they lost such an incredible person.

People remember Crummie’s hard work, dedication and services that he provided in his life. His demise greatly affected his wife, Carla and two children, Robert Wayne and Meagan Michelle.

What Happened To Dr. Carla Crummie Husband?

The loss of the incredible person, Dr. Robert Crummie, has dramatically impacted the family and community.

And people are also curious regarding the cause of Robert Crummie death. Sadly, there is not much information provided about his sudden demise.

Robert Crummie death
Robert Crummie passed away in 2020. (Source: DTS Voice-Dallas Technological Seminar)

It seems the family has not provided any information about the death cause of the Late Robert Crummie.

The cause of his demise is unknown as the family and relatives have not provided much information about this.

Funerals were made surrounded by Robert’s family, relatives and colleagues in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Carla Crummie and Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Carla Crummie recently got engaged to Dr. Tony Evans. Evans is a respectful man who is a board member of Dallas Theological Summary Incorporate Members.

Evans announced their engagement on 10 September 2023. Like Carla, he also lost his wife Lois four years ago.

Robert Crummie death
Tom Evans and Carla Crummie recently got engaged. (Source: Fresherslive)

Evan’s late wife died on 30 December 2019 after battling biliary cancer. He is the father of four children Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans Jr., Crystal Hurst and Jonathan Evans.

Carla and Tom both tragically lost their partners. They are about to open a new chapter of their life, and we wish for their bright future.

Overall, Carla Crummie is an incredible woman who has showered people around her with love and prayers. 

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