Real Caca Girl TikTok

Netizens are searching the internet after “The Real Caca Girl leaked video” started trending. “Who is Real Caca Girl Tiktok?” If you’re also wondering the same question, read the article to find out her true identity, controversy, and response. 

‘Real Caca Girl’ is a 15-year-old social media influencer with 1.1 million followers and 52 million likes on Tiktok. 

The TikToker has racked up millions of views by posting videos about her life, relationships, and culture.

Even though she has many followers, the influencer has turned off the comment section due to hate or critical comments. 

Caca is a controversial figure which may be the result of her edgy and uncaring attitude or the open relationship that she has with her boyfriend on the platform. 

Most people find the couple cringy or fake; some viewers even go on to say that they have a relationship just for the sake of clout.

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Who Is Real Caca Girl On TikTok? Real Name Identity And Twitter Explored

The viral influencer, Real Caca Girl’s actual name is Melanie Caca. However, Melanie doesn’t currently have a Twitter account. 

She makes trendy TikTok about her lifestyle, including her boyfriend. 

Caca Girl’s boyfriend’s name is Julian, and his Tiktok account is “notjay12.” He posts videos of him and Cara on the platform. 

In one of the videos posted on his channel on December 4, 2022, Julian stated that she was 15 years old while he was 19, which raised many eyebrows. 

Real Caca Girl TikTok
Caca With Her Boyfriend (Source: Instagram)

Even with criticism, the couple is happily together and living their best life.

They still make videos together that includes the topic of relationship, makeup, wardrobe, and cosmetics.

Nevertheless, controversies are part of the couple’s life. 

They started trending in December of 2023 after a hacker leaked their private video on the internet. 

This caused a debate among internet users regarding whether the video was leaked voluntarily for fame or they were really hacked. 

How Did The Real Caca Girl TikTok Video Leak?

Someone by the name “Hackedforfun” hacked into Melanie Caca’s boyfriend’s email, automatically giving access to his connected accounts. 

Unfortunately, there was an intimate video of Caca and her boyfriend in his iCloud, which the hacker leaked. 

The graphic video showed her private part, and since she is a minor, it has caused a stir.

On top of that, many viewers of the leaked video are body-shaming her, which is a topic of concern.

Caca is a beautiful girl who was unaware of the incident and is just 15 years old. Melanie still has much to learn about the world and from her mistakes. 

Aftermath Of The Leaked Video 

Melanie Cara posted a reply on another account, “rcacagirl,” which I’m 100% unsure if it is actually her, but the id has 19.2K followers and 165.2K likes.

Right now, she just has three videos on that channel, and comments are turned off in all those videos.

Real Caca Girl TikTok
Tiktoks Of Caca (Source: Her Tiktok)

After the leaked video controversy, Caca may have deleted the rest of the video. 

Moreover, the TikToker posted a reply video on January 8, 2023, where she was seen lip-syncing the song “Down Bad” by Erin Kaith in what looks like an empty hall in the background. 

On the video, she wrote, “When girls make fun of my leaked vid.. not even funny bfffr stay safe tho” The catchy Tiktok has already gained 1.5 million views. 

Many other fellow Tiktokers are supporting her and criticizing the viewers for body shaming and bullying her.

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