Quahzier Bouie And Jessica Keene have become a hot subject recently for their crimes. Did Bouie kill his girlfriend’s Father? Let’s find out. 

A Windsor Locks woman and her former partner tried to hide their Father’s dead body in a plastic bin after killing him brutally. Jessica Keene and her partner Bouie were sentenced last week for killing her Father.

Quahzier Nathaniel Bouie, 28, tampered with the evidence after stabbing Michael Keene.

Michael’s decomposed body was stuffed in a storage bin behind a couch in his Windsor Locks apartment on 27 November 2018. The man shared the apartment with his mother, daughter, and Bouie.

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Quahzier Bouie And Jessica Keene’s Arrest And Charges

Jessica Keene, who killed her own Father, Michael Keene, was sentenced on 8 March 2023 to seven years in jail. She pleaded guilty to accessory to manslaughter.

Jessica Keene father murder
Jessica Keene was involved in her Father’s murder. (Source: CT Insider)

CT Insider article suggested that Keene and Bouie pleaded guilty under a legal doctrine known as Alford Doctrine.

The two criminals did not admit guilt. However, many facts were presented to the court with enough evidence for convictions, so they had to acknowledge the state.

According to Hartford State’s Attorney Sharmese Walcott, he is sure that justice shall be served as he said:

It is certain that Keene and Bouie were in the crime together and justice was served. They will serve a period of time in prison as both of them will be convicted felons.

Jessica Keene and Quahzier Bouie have hands in the man’s death who took them in. The man they killed had gave them roof and food. But we don’t know why exactly why they did what they did.

Speaking of the charges and verdict, the initial plea deal with Quahzier was a 25-year sentence.

However, Walcott and public defender Claud Chong failed to reach why five years had been shaved off.

Keene has been locked up since her arrest about four years ago. Court initially charged her with murder, and she faced 60 years behind bars.

But Walcott and Keene’s lawyer, Brian Woolf, could see her out in two years because of her good behavior in jail.

Initially, Bouie was found guilty of murder and faced 85 years in prison. Eventually, he pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and first-degree murder. 

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Michael Keene Murder Suspects

Michael Keene’s murder suspects were the two people who he knew very well, and he gave them a roof to live on and food to survive. The two suspects are no other than her daughter Jessica Keene and her boyfriend, Quahzier Bouie.

Quahzier Bouie And Jessica Keene
Quahzier Bouie And Jessica Keene are the two suspects in her Father’s murder. (Source: Patch)

After the murder charges, the state agreed to the deal with Jessica as the case was complicated. Also, her Father’s family members did not want her prosecuted.

Keene said that her family expected maximum punishment for Bouie, but the evidence proved that both she and Bouie were responsible for the murder.

According to the investigation team and evidence, Michael Keene, 51, was last seen alive on Nov. 11 and was killed two days later.

The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office presented the cause of death. Sadly, the man was brutally killed and died of stab wounds in his neck and back. 

His daughter, Jessica Keene, lied to investigators that she stabbed her Father during an argument but later blamed the manslaughter on Bouie.

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