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Many of you might be unfamiliar with one of the prominent Mexican festival Cinco de Mayo which  means “Fifth of May.”

Some regard it as Mexican independence day and others as a yearly ceremony of celebration, enjoying special Mexican dishes such as Tacos, Margarita, drinking beer, etc.

Well, we have brought you up with the real reason and importance behind its celebration and its importance to Mexican as well as American people.

What is ‘Cinco de Mayo’?

Before we begin,  Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence day; it’s not. Cinco, in fact, the special day for native Mexican for the celebration of the Mexican win against French Forces during the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Similarly, the Battle of Puebla is just 85 miles away from Mexico City; it’s just the victory of the Mexican army against a French army, the Nepolians army.

It came into such much prominence as the French army has not been defeated in 50 years, and it was a historical as well a glorious moment for all the Mexican people.

Why is it so significant in the Mexican-American culture?

The battle was a revolution period from the French intervention in Mexico as it ended in the victory over the conquering French soldiers.

Since the victory on May fifth, the special occasion is celebrated annually by Mexicans, Americans on the same day the Mexican conquered the French army.

Cinco de Mayo: How is this special day celebrated?

On the auspicious occasion, people celebrate it with tasty food, music, folkloric dancing, parades, and battle reenactments.

However, it is celebrated more significantly in America than in Mexico, where people on this special occasion enjoy their favorite beverages, Drinking Margaritas and chips.

Mexicans don’t celebrate it that much and precisely don’t ever say ‘Happy Cinco De Mayo’ because Mexicans don’t say that.

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Moreover, on the other side, the day now barters as a special ceremony to celebrate Mexican-American culture.

What does President Donald J. Trump have to say about it!

After threatening to send more troops to the U.S.- Mexico border, Donald J. Trump,27, and Melina Trump,49, shared a few words for the special ceremony on People expressing,

“I send my greetings and best wishes to all those celebrating Cinco de Mayo. On this day 157 years ago, the Mexican people valiantly defended their freedom and prevailed in the Battle of Puebla.”

Subsequently, President added in a statement, adding, “As we honor the anniversary of this historic victory, we celebrate the courage and patriotism the Mexican soldiers exemplified in defeating the invading army of Napoleon III.”

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In his Cinco de Mayo message, Trump concluded with praise for Mexican-American’s stating;

“We also acknowledge the remarkable achievements of Mexican Americans and the many contributions they have made, and continue to make, to our Nation,”

Trump said, “Melania and I hope those who are celebrating enjoy today’s festivities. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”

Yet, President Donald J. Trump Announces his Act Against Mexican Border and Immigration.

Just hours after Trump regards with his ‘Cine de Mayo’ statement, US President announces that Mark Morgan as the selected lead to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Well, the special ceremony is definitely not going to change the president’s mind, isn’t it?

As we know, ever since Trump ran as the 45th president of the United States, he has been strictly setting a tight policy and law against illegal Mexican people and tightening the Mexican-American border.

However, Mr. Prisident expressed his warmful greeting for Mexican, taking it to his official Twitter account.

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The majority of people gets often confused ‘Cinco de Mayo’ as Mexican Independence Day. Well, it’s just a wrong belief as Mexican’s independence day is on 16th September.

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