poh li san husband

Though the Singaporean MP has broken barriers as a female, the info regarding Poh Li San husband and kids remains mysterious.

Poh Li San is a Singaporean politician and businesswoman who has advocated for almost everything in her nation.

She is a People’s Action Party (PAP) member and has been a Member of Parliament (MP) for Sembawang West Division Sembawang GRC since 2020.

Poh is a former helicopter pilot in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and the first female aide-de-camp to President S.R. Nathan.

Apart from her career, regarding Poh Li San husband and marriage life, no official reports have been published online.

The lady is already in her mid-50s, but there is still no information about whether she has tied the knot with anyone.

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Poh Li San Husband 2023: Is the lady married?

Poh Li San is a Singaporean businesswoman and politician who has been in the news for her work as a representative for Sembawang Westward.

While open about her business career, she keeps her personal life out of the public eye, making it difficult to know much about her husband or marital status.

There have been rumors about Poh Li San husband and marital status, but no official confirmation regarding whether she is married.

Several articles suggest that he has never said anything about her husband or their marriage, making it difficult to know if she has tied the knot with someone.

poh li san husband
Poh Li San’s personal life has been highlighted since after she was appointed Singaporean MP. (Source: People’s Action Party)

Li san is active on social media, mainly Instagram, and often shares glimpses of her work, not her personal life.

Even though she is in her mid-age, she hasn’t mentioned whether or not she shares any romantic relationship with anyone.

Still, the accounting for details on the subject of Poh Li San’s husband and her relationship is a matter of concern.

And until the Singaporean politician speaks about her potential marriage and why she’s remained single to date, it would be a struggle to speak about her life.

Poh Li San Kids and Family Background

Based on scraped data, limited information regarding Poh Li San’s family background and whether she has children is available.

She is unlikely to have a kid since she is a businessman turned politician and social activist and hasn’t spoken about her relationship or wedding.

Based on the available facts, it would be fair to conclude that Poh won’t have a kid in 2023.

Further diving into her family, San was born into a family with a father who worked as a school teacher and a mother who served as an accounts clerk.

poh li san husband
Poh Li San with the descendants from the early Nan An migrants, her early ancestors. (Source: Instagram)

The available data primarily highlights the lady’s education and professional accomplishments.

She attended Dunman High School and Temasek Junior College before earning a Bachelor of Science with highest honors degree in engineering and a Bachelor of Arts.

The politician also has the highest distinction degree in economics from the University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign.

Career Graph of Poh Li San

Poh Li San is a Singaporean politician and businesswoman with a diverse career graph, which includes military service, business, and politics.

Besides serving as a politician, she served in the Republic of Singapore Air Force from 1994 to 2010, holding the rank of Major and being part of the 125 Squadron.

She was a Super Puma Pilot and was involved in Search and Rescue operations for a couple of years.

poh li san husband
PAP’s Poh Li San worked as a helicopter pilot who flew supplies to tsunami victims in 2004. (Source: AsiaOne)

After her military service, Poh worked in the private sector, holding various leadership positions in multinational companies.

The middle-aged lady entered politics in 2020 when she was elected as an MP for Sembawang GRC.

She succeeded Khaw Boon Wan in the Sembawang West division and became the MP.

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