Phoebe Rex

Phoebe Rex has received greater recognition for her role in Kids vs. Aliens. Stay with us to learn more about her family details.

Phoebe Rex is a young, promising Actress who became wee-known for her character in several Drama films, The Last Divide of 2018 and The Last Divide of 2022.

She is becoming more popular due to her role as Samantha in the upcoming horror film Kids vs. Aliens.

On September 23, 2022, the movie had its world premiere during Fantastic Fest. RLJE Films and Shudder are planning to release the movie in the U.S. on January 20, 2023.

The movie’s story centers on a House slumber Party that turns horrific when murderous aliens invade, compelling two fighting brothers to work together to survive the night.

To know more about the horror fiction movie or the character of Phoebe, we can watch it from January 20.

Who Is Phoebe Rex From Kids vs Aliens? Wikipedia

Phoebe Rex is an ambitious Actress who has won awards and starred in various supporting roles.

For her performance in the 2018 action film The Last Divide, she was honored with the Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Young Actress awards at the Actors Awards Los Angeles.

Phoebe Rex
The official trailer of “Kids v. Alien’ is released. (Source: YouTube )

There is no additional information regarding her personal information because she still needs to be added to Wikipedia.

The cast of ‘Kids v. Alien’ Phoebe is active on Instagram and has shared many images with her loved ones.

Despite her rising prominence and appearance in the recent horror film Kids v. Alien, little information is available about her personal life, educational background, or other facts.

As we all know, Phoebe is a young Actress who has just started her career, which might lead to a successful one and change her life.

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Phoebe Rex Age And Family

However, talking about Phoebe Rex’s age, nothing is mentioned about it. But after viewing her Instagram pictures, we may assume she may be in her mid-20s.

Regarding her family and siblings, no information has been made public. Actress Phoebe has yet to share pictures of her parents on her Instagram account.

Phoebe has kept the identity of her parents and other family members a secret because she values her privacy. We believe she comes from a simple, devoted family.

As seen by her success, it is clear that her parents fully supported her decision to pursue acting as a career, and they significantly influenced her decision.

She hasn’t yet posted anything about her parents or made any information about them public on her social media accounts.

She may also be a single child because there is little information about her siblings.

Phoebe Rex Net Worth An Massive Sum Of $1 Million?

Phoebe Rex, a well-known Actress, has been in various television shows and films. She is becoming more well-known due to the Drama film Kids vs. Aliens.

Her current net worth might range between $100k and $ 1 million. She will soon earn more money and has a beautiful career.

Phoebe Rex
Phoebe Rex enjoying her vacation. (Source: Instagram )

Sources still need to make public information about her salary and wealth available. Her primary source of income derives from her profession as an Actor.

Phoebe’s net worth has yet to appear in sources; thus, the data could be wrong. However, she has not disclosed private information about herself or her finances.

She may have earned more money than her occupation as an Actress would have expected, and she may continue to do so after her new tv show has premiered.

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