Izzy Fairthorne

Fans are excited to see Izzy Fairthorne in the show Perfect Match. They want to learn more about her life.  

The Bachelor in Paradise-inspired Netflix reality dating competition series Perfect Match has cast English beauty Izzy Fairthorne.

Izzy competed in Too Hot to Handle to the end because of her connection with Jackson Mawhinney, and she eventually reached the finals.

Perfect Match: Meet Hockey Player Izzy Fairthorne

We are eager to share additional details about the next reality series, whose Netflix debut has been scheduled for February 2023, Perfect Match. 

Izzy Fairthorne is also a contestant in the show, and fans are desperate to watch her perform after Too Hot To Handle season 3. 

Izzy Fairthorne
Izzy Fairthorne, a personal trainer from Cheltenham, UK. (Source: Celebs)

The newest Netflix dating series will premiere on February 14, 2023, at 12:00 am PT/3:00 am. ET.

It should be mentioned that only the first four episodes will be made accessible on this day. The remaining episodes will be released in two different ways.

 Izzy Fairthorne is a personal trainer from Cheltenham, England.

She is a hockey player who has represented Wales and is a physical therapist.

Izzy is a social media influencer who is now pursuing a modeling career.

The pretty girl would frequently get in trouble for going away to see boys when she was a boarder.

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Izzy Fairthorne Age And boyfriend 

As of 2023, Izzy Fairthorne is a 23-year-old.

Fans want to know if Izzy Fairthorne and Jackson Mawhinney’s relationship lasted after the third season of Too Hot To Handle concluded.

Izzy Fairthorne
Izzy in the third season of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix. (Source: IMBD)

They grew closer near the end of Season 3. Even though the show focused on serial daters who enjoy having meaningless sex, a few competitors looked to have changed their ways after marrying their love partners.

Izzy and Jackson initially met in episode 7, when Jackson appeared. Their chemistry was unmistakable, and their beach date swiftly devolved into marathons that broke all the rules.

They didn’t cost the group as much as Nathan and Holly, but the steamy couple still cost a lot of money. When the season concluded, viewers were left wondering if the two would keep in touch.

Their Instagram accounts, however, appear to indicate that they are no longer together. Both live in London but are four hours apart. Thus their relationship will be primarily long-distance.

While couples have made long-distance relationships work, they apparently lead radically different lives. Jackson has photographs of himself from trips to Spain, Antigua, and Ireland.

Meanwhile, Izzy appears to be mainly based in Manchester, with brief visits to Australia and Spain.

Izzy Fairthorne Net Worth

Izzy Fairthorne’s net worth has yet to be available to the public. She has not revealed her net worth to people. 

Izzy is a self-described heartbreaker who claims to have dated several men but never had a relationship. The beauty has claimed she is a player and likes “giving boys a taste of their own medicine” when dating.

The British Actress has 15,000 followers on her personal Instagram account. She can be found on Instagram as @Izfairr.

The Actress also has a fitness Instagram called HIFitness, where she shows off her client work. Izzy provides her clients with tailored weight loss plans and online counseling.

She shows her viewers practical training routines and gives tips on staying fit and healthy during the holidays.

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