Pamela Brown Leaving CNN

Several rumors have been circulating around the Internet about Pamela Brown Leaving CNN after her recent post and tweet on Instagram and Twitter.

Pamela Brown is an American Newscaster and Television Reporter best known for anchoring the CNN Newsroom.

She has also worked as a substitute anchor for CNN’s The Lead With Jake Tapper, At This Hour With Kate Bolduan, Erin Burnett OutFront and The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer.

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Is Pamela Brown Leaving CNN? Where Is She Going?

No, Pamela Brown is not leaving CNN. However, for the people who only know her as the woman who anchors CNN Newsroom, you won’t be seeing her anymore.

She had been running the CNN Newsroom with Pamela Brown for two years, and on January 11, CNN Communication officially twitted about her next role in the same Company.

People were perplexed by the news of Pamela Brown leaving the CNN Newsroom to focus more on her children, but it is only half true.

She is going to work on the weekdays from now on as CNN’s Chief Investigative Correspondent and Anchor.

The work provides her more flexibility over her timing which will help her give more time to her kids.

Pamela Brown Leaving CNN
Is Pamela Brown Leaving CNN? | Recent Post (Source: Instagram)

Brown joined the network in 2013, and one of her notable appearances was when she covered Donald Trump’s administration as a senior White House correspondent.

She is very optimistic about her new role at CNN Network and claims she had a great two years with a fantastic team, but she’s excited about her new chapter of professional life.

Pamela Brown Husband And Parents

Pamela Ashley Brown was born on November 29, 1983, to a very reputable family in America.

Her Father, John Y. Brown Jr., was an American Politician, Businessman and Entrepreneur from Kentucky.

He is the person who built KFC into a multimillion-dollar restaurant chain. However, he is best known for serving as the 55th Governor of Kentucky.

Along with KFC, John also purchased an ownership stake in several NBA Teams, including Boston Celtics.

On the other hand, Pamela Brown’s mother, Phyllis George, was an American Model, Actress and Sportscaster best known for being crowned as Miss America in 1971.

She was married to Pamela’s Father in 1979, which lasted till 1998. Phyllis also served as the First Lady of Kentucky for four years.

Pamela Brown Marriage
Pamela Brown with her husband and father (Source: Instagram)

Moving onto the marital status of Pamela Brown, she is married to Adam Wright, who currently works as a Consultant at GNOSIS, according to Married Wiki.

The couple shared their vows and walked down the aisle together on June 5, 2017, in a lavish intimate ceremony.

Together, they share two children: an elder son named Benny Wright and a younger daughter named Vivienne Wright.

Benny was born in June 2018, while his younger sister Vivi was born in February 2020.

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Pamela Brown Net Worth

According to Glamour Biz, Pamela Brown has a staggering net worth of $2.5 Million as of 2023.

Additionally, she made around $80 thousand annually from her former work in the CNN Newsroom.

Pamela has previously been nominated for several awards for covering several international stories; her nomination for the Emmy Awards is one of them.

Pamela Brown Net Worth
Pamela Brown In the CNN Election Center with Jake Tapper (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she comes from a wealthy family, with her Father making KFC a massive food chain in the U.S., and her mother is the former Miss America and CBS Sportscaster and Anchor.

With her new role as CNN’s Chief Investigative Correspondent and Anchor, it is evident that Ms. Brown’s job will add to a substantial portion of her wealth.

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