Prominent English singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, precisely ‘Adele’  shared a captivating message among her  31.7 million fans and followers today on her 31st birthday.

The ‘Rolling in the Deep’ star Adele, often witnessed as sad and emotional as her eight-years-long relationship just came to an end with her husband, Simon Konecki. Let’s take a quick glance at her birthday!

Adele shares a captivating message: Articulating all the undeniable sorrows and pains that life offers you.

Adele starts expressing her words writing, ” This is 31…thank fucking god, 💀” citing all the traumas she went through her life as many of Grammy-winning artist songs such as ‘Hello’ is a dedication to her ex-boyfriends.

So did the emotional barrier retook place as Adele expressed,  “30 tried me so hard, but I’m owning it and trying my hardest to lean into it all. No matter how long we’re here for life is constant and complicated at times.”

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Yet “Someone Like You” hitmakers confesses and motivates in a touching way, making it definitely motivating to many.

Is Adele planning to drop a new album?

The Guinness record holder writes, “I’ve changed drastically in the last couple years, and I’m still changing, and that’s okay. 31 is going to be a big ol’ year, and I’m going to spend it all on myself”, where fans now have come with different rumors about Adele’s dropping a new album.

Well, nothing could much be joyful than our favorite ‘Send My Love’ star blessing us with her new music, isn’t it?

Adele’s motivating words

“For the first time in a decade, I’m ready to feel the world around me and look up for once. Be kind to yourself, people. We’re only human, go slow, put your phone down, and laugh out loud at every opportunity.” sharing such mindful words.

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Adele sure has learned and experienced a lot from her life traumas, reflecting us a stronger version of her.

Adele dedicates a few words to his recently divorced husband, Simon Konecki.

“Learning to REALLY truly love yourself is it, and I’ve only just realized that that is more than enough. I’ll learn to love you lot eventually,” as fans have immediately now come up with the prediction that Adele can be dedicating such words to her recently divorced husband, Simon Konecki.

The duo recently walked down the edges from their 8 years relationship on Friday, April 19, a few weeks earlier before Adele’s birthday. Adele and Simon share a 6-years-son, Angelo Adkins.

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Well, we wish nothing the best for Adele as her soulful music has healed millions of people during times of Ups and Downs. Lastly, we would like to wish Adele a wonderful and joyful ‘Happy Birthday.’

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