Racgp Employee Arrested

Racgp Employee Arrested: Oliver Schulz has been charged with alleged war crime murder. Australian National Police and NSW Police detained him in New South Wales’s southern highlands.

An ex-SAS soldier has been detained and charged with murder as a war crime in connection with the alleged Killing of an Afghan civilian during a deployment in southern Afghanistan more than ten years ago.

Australian Federal Police and NSW Police detained Oliver Schulz, 41, in the southern highlands of New South Wales.

He is still held without bail, and the time is scheduled to attend in May at Sydney’s Downing Center local court.

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Oliver Schulz, Racgp Employee Arrested And Charged With Alleged War Crime Murder

Oliver Schulz, manager of the RACGP Future Leaders Program, was the worker in question; The Medical Republic has since revealed it. Oliver Schulz spoke at GP22 in November of last year.

He is accused of killing Afghan man Dad Mohammad in May 2012 while serving with the Australian Defense Force.

The RACGP claimed that when they hired Mr. Schulz, they were unaware of the issue. In the southern Uruzgan province of Afghanistan, the Police charged Oliver with shooting an Afghan guy in a wheat field.

He is anticipated shortly to be charged with the alleged 2012 murder.

Racgp Employee Arrested
Former SAS troops allegedly shooting an unarmed Afghan man in a field (Source: Msn)

He will allegedly murder an Afghan man while serving with the Australian Defense Force in Afghanistan, according to a joint statement from the Australian Federal Police and the Office of Special Investigations.

“Life imprisonment is the ultimate punishment for a War Crime Murder offense.”

An Australian soldier, Schulz, is seen in footage from ABC’s Four Corners documentary shooting and killing an Afghan guy lying on his back in a wheat field in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan while holding his hands up.

The arrest of Schulz marks the first time in Australian legal history that a serving or former member of the Australian Defense Force has charged him with murder in a war crime.

Schulz was detained due to a four-year inquiry by Maj Gen Paul Brereton, the Australian Defense Force inspector general, who found “credible” proof to back up claims that Australian special forces soldiers unjustly slew 39 Afghan civilians.

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victim of Oliver Schulz War Crime Murder

In the Four Corners episode Killing Field, the explosive video captured by the dog handler’s helmet camera during Mr. Schulz’s patrol was shown.

Before the dog is called off and Mr. Schulz is seen aiming his pistol at the man, the video shows a SAS dog mauling Mr. Mohammad in a field.

Racgp Employee Arrested
Soldiers seen patrolling in Afghanisthan (Source: Upi)

Mr. Mohammad was a Father of two from the village of Deh Jawz-e Hasanzai. During its research, Four Corners located the murdered man’s Father and sibling in addition to identifying him.

His Father, Abul Malik, said on the program in 2020, “They can arrest him. Why was he required to be killed?

Nevertheless, after learning that Mr. Mohammad had been “tactically maneuvering,” was holding a radio, and had been shot in self-defense, ADF investigators defended Mr. Schulz.

Four Corners also disclosed that the ADF had looked into the murder after receiving reports from Afghan locals months after the 2012 incident.

The Office of Special Investigator assumed control of the probe (OSI). The investigation’s conclusions were released in November 2020.

The same inquiry advised that any alleged war crimes should be brought up in civil or criminal court and tried by a jury rather than using a military tribunal.

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