Preethi Karnam

Preethi Karnam Car Accident has deeply affected those who knew her, with many expressing their grief and condolences on social media. 

A young woman who had flown to India from the United States to attend a wedding was murdered in a car accident just as she was ready to leave for the United States. The incident occurred within the Kethepalli Mandal of the Nalgonda district.

According to the authorities, Karanam Padmanaidu’s family, originally from Vijayawada but in the United States for several years, traveled to India to attend a wedding in their relatives’ family. Padmanaidu’s daughter, Preeti, was set to return to America following the ceremony.

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Obituary: Preethi Karnam Car Accident- Emory University Student Death

A young woman who had traveled to India from America to attend a wedding was killed in a road accident just as she was about to leave for America. The event occurred on the boundaries of Nalgonda district’s Kethepalli Mandal. 

Preethi Karnam
Preethi Karnam Death Before Flying To USA (source: Teluguvox)

Karanam Padmanaidu’s family from Vijayawada moved to America a few years ago, according to investigators. A recent marriage occurred in their relative’s household. Padmanaidu’s daughter Preeti, on the other hand, attended the wedding. 

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She must return to America after the wedding rites are over. On Saturday night, she has a trip to Hyderabad. But all her close relatives departed in the car to take her to the airport.

Their automobile drove from Vijayawada to Nalgonda district. When she got to Kadhamgudem, a suburb of Hyderabad, an unknown vehicle heading from Suryapet to Hyderabad arrived quickly and hit the automobile from behind. 

The automobile overturned three times on the national highway in this collision. Karanam Preeti (21) died on the scene after severe head injuries. Shreyas of Doppalapudi, the driver, Chekuri Sarita, Divi Vishwavikhyat, and Divi Padmavathy, the passengers, were all seriously injured. 

Preeti’s body was sent to Nakirekal Government Hospital for a postmortem, and the injured were also treated there. Ketepalli ASI N. Srinivas stated that a case had been filed and an inquiry was underway.

Where Is Preethi Karnam Family Now? Mourns Loss

Preethi Karnam was an Emory University student studying psychology. She was an engaged part of the campus community with a promising future. 

Karnam’s research centered on discovering novel Cancer therapies, and she was well-liked by her colleagues and peers. She has given numerous scholarly presentations and was an active Emory graduate student community member.

Preethi Karnam
Preethi Karnam Accident (source: Tnewstelugu)

Emory University President Claire E. Sterk issued a statement in which she conveyed her sympathies to Karnam’s family and friends, noting that Karnam’s “passion for her job, devotion to her colleagues, and cheerful perspective will be dearly missed.”

The Emory University community has been surprised and saddened by Preethi’s passing, and the institution has extended its condolences to her family and friends.

Preethi graduated in 2022 with a degree in Neuroscience and Medicine, Health and Society, and an Anthropology minor. 

She was from Athens, Georgia, and picked Vanderbilt for its many options in medicine and research and its lovely campus near home. She liked dancing, exercising, and discovering new restaurants in Nashville in her spare time.

Preethi began working in the lab as an undergraduate intern in January 2019. She was creating and testing mutants of bovine and mouse visual arrestin-1 under the direction of Drs. Vsevolod Gurevich and Sergey Vishnivetskiy.

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