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There are fewer radio hosts who are talked with such respect and passion. One of them undoubtedly is Nessa Diab. Like her name, the field of work is also outstanding for this diva.

She is a talented woman whose move to the states changed her life forever. But other than being the face of the news, there is more that is hidden under covers. Be with us to know what’s there to know about her.

Nessa Diab net worth
Nessa Diab

First, let’s have some quick facts that help the search

Nessa Diab: Quick Facts

Full Name Nessa Diab
Date of Birth 1981/05/06
Nickname Nessa
Marital Status In a relationship
Birthplace California, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 41 years old
Profession Host
Nationality American
Height 5’6″
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $2 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last update February, 2023

Who Is Nessa Diab?

Nessa Diab is an American radio and TV personality along with a host who is associated with the show Talk Stoop. Nessa is currently in a sweet relationship with her boyfriend.

Age and Parents

Nessa Diab was born on 6th May 1981 in Southern California. The name of her parents is not known to the general media.

Some sources, however, claim the fact that she has two brothers with whom she is pretty close.

Diab is 39 years old as of now. She holds the American nationality along with mixed ethnicity.

The zodiac sign of Nessa is Taurus suggesting the fact that she is diplomatic and charming. Well, being a reporter, she has all the traits.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Nessa is getting into her early 40’s, but surely the skill and good looks are present in her.

The height of 5’6” is well aided with a weight of 63kgs. Although she is a reporter maintaining a slim body is her motto.

All of the slim body is the result of regular workouts and a gym added with a healthy diet. Surprisingly the vital body statistics are out of the eyes of the primary media.

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Diab might not have the fairest of the skins, but surely her elegance and smile make her the talk of the town. To complete the good looks, brown hair and hazel eyes play the lead role.

If anything on the shoe and dress comes up, readers will be made aware.

Early Days and Education

Diab was born in Southern California to an Egyptian father and a Middle Eastern mother. Growing with age, she was Muslim.

Her father used to work frequently, in different places, so her family moved a lot.

One morning she would be in California, the next being Saudi Arabia. The migration of the family didn’t halt her with freedom, and all of her needs were fulfilled with great ease.

There was always the presence of freedom in the family to choose a career of will.

In the case of educational attainment, though, Diaz was part of the University of California at the age of 20 for mass communication.

This suggests the fact that there was a clear instinct that she wanted to do with her life.


Nessa had a mixed bag of skills in the case of the early days. In the early youth of her life, she used to write music and also remix songs.

Slowly the interest changed, and this happened for her.

After graduation, Diab went on to find good work in Bay Area Top 40 station Wild 94.9 and Youtube. Nessa’s work on Youtube led her to MTV, and great things happened for her.

After working for a long time, Nessa received her show named Nessa’s Night Show on San Fransisco’s Wild 94.4 primetime radio.

It was her most significant breakthrough, and she interviewed prominent personalities.

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Moving along, Nessa was approached by MTV for Code Girl. Added to that in 2015, Nessa replaced Angie Martinez to be the Voice of New York.

This jockey was part of the biggest radio station that changed her image. As a radio jockey, she has also interviewed Chris Brown along with other famous singers.

Not only as a radio host, but Diab is known for hosting TV shows like Ain’t That America, IHeartRadio Music Festival, VH1 Morning Buzz, Real Talk, and many more.

One of the most recent and well-known achievements of the host is being associated with the NBC Universal show Talk Stoop in 2018.

With time Nessa is increasing her reach and earning great heights.

Who Is Nessa Diab Boyfriend?

Nessa is charming, skilled, and famous at the same time. All of this leads to any man wanting to be on her side. But the lucky one is Colin Kaepernick.

To the readers who are not aware, Colin is a quarterback for the San Fransisco 49ers in NFL. This suggests the fact that Colin is pretty famous for what he does.

Nessa Diab boyfriend
Nessa Diab with her boyfriend Colin Kaepernick

Both of them started dating each other in the year 2015, but the news came out in public after a year in 2016. Initially, it was a shock for many, but the audience liked their pairing.

After the relationship got public, they were seen together at lots of events and parties.

Fast forward a year. In late 2017, Nessa got into a bit of trouble for a tweet.

At the time, Colin was planning to be signed in by The Baltimore Ravens but following a tweet from Nessa, mentioning Ray Lewis, the contract did not happen.

She tweeted a picture of Ray Lewis comparing it to a similar image from the 2012 movie Django Unchained. Ray marked the tweet as racist and was not happy about it.

The owner of The Baltimore Ravens was not happy about it either.

It has been 8 years since their relationship, but still, there is no information on engagement or marriage.

Looking at their coziness, we feel something good is right around the corner. To all of the fans of Diaz, there is no information about other love interests for the lady.

One thing, however, is sure that Nessa is neither married nor engaged up until now. Looking at the career graph, we feel making a legacy is the primary intention right now for her.

Social Works

Nessa not only earns but gives back to society. Her activities for people can prove this.

Along with her partner, Diab started to Know Your Rights initiative that allows the disadvantaged youth to find their feet.

Other than this, she also led the Plan B One Step’s Perfectly Imperfect Campaign. It looks like Nessa loves to do a lot for people.

Net Worth: Income and Salary

As Nessa moved to the states, her career, achievements, fame all of it changed. Slow and steady, Nessa went on positive heights. As of 2020, Diab owns a net worth of $2 million.

All of this is the result of hosting, be it on radio or TV. In her free time, though, Diab is more into traveling, attending events, and also being around with her loved ones.

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Most of the time camera captures her with the partner around. Although there is proper information on the net worth, annual income and assets owned are not known to anyone.

Internet Fame

If we say that Nessa has a tremendous amount of fan following on social media, it must not be an astounding fact.

With her reach and achievements, there are pretty good fans on social media. Be a part of it through

Instagram494k followers

Twitter139k followers


Does Nessa Diab have any kids?

No, Nessa Diab does not have any kids nor is she pregnant. We do not see any hint that she consider having a baby anytime soon.

Is Colin Kaepernick in a relationship?

Colin Kaepernick and Nessa Diab have been in a relationship with each other since 2015. Even though there were times when either of them made some controversial mistakes but despite that, they have been together ever since.

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