Nathan Hibbitts

Nathan Hibbitts Obituary: In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a valued Augusta Eagles Football Team member tragically departed from this world just days after commemorating his 16th birthday.

Hibbits was a talented football player, a beloved son, a caring brother, a loyal friend, and a source of laughter and happiness for those around him. 

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Nathan Hibbitts Obituary: Augusta GA Augusta Eagles Football Player Death

On May 22nd, 2023, Nathaniel Harrison Hibbitts celebrated his 16th birthday surrounded by loved ones.

His Father, Wesley Hibbitts, and mother, Keri Hibbitts, expressed their pride and love for their son through a heartfelt message on social media.

Nathan’s excitement was evident as he received a truck as a birthday present and spent the evening practicing parking late into the night, determined to master the skill.

His family will forever cherish the memory of his milestone birthday as a reminder of Nathan’s vibrant spirit.

Nathan had a zest for life that was contagious. Whether he was spending quality time with his family, cracking jokes with friends, or offering a helping hand to those in need, Nathan always radiated positivity.

His infectious laughter and warm-hearted nature made him an instant favorite among his peers.

Nathan Hibbitts Obituary
Nathan Hibbitts Obituary: Augusta GA Augusta Eagles Football Player Death (Source: Facebook)

Nathan’s family and friends remember him as someone who brought immense love, support, and joy into their lives.

His teammates and coaches hold him in high regard for his dedication and commitment to the game.

The loss of Nathan has created a void within the Augusta Eagles Football Team that will be deeply felt as they strive to honor his memory both on and off the field.

He is survived by his parents, Wesley and Keri, two elder brothers Tyler and Brandon, sister-in-law Haleigh Hibbitts, his cousin sister Nathaniel Harrison Hibbitts, and many more of his relatives, friends, and teammates.

Nathan Hibbitts family
Nathan Hibbitts Parents, Brothers and Sister-In-Law (Source: Facebook)

The family of Nathan Hibbitts is in the process of making funeral arrangements and will provide updates regarding the services soon.

His family members have not disclosed the exact reason for Nathan Hibbitts’ untimely death, though it is believed to be the result of an accident.

During this grieving period, we kindly ask that his family be given privacy and not be troubled by inquiries.

Grieving Family Of Nathan Hibbitts

Nathan Hibbitts’ parents took to their Facebook accounts to share the heartbreaking news of his passing, conveying their profound grief and unexpected events.

It was evident that Nathan was fully prepared for the challenge as he diligently practiced parking his truck on Tuesday night until he achieved perfection, showcasing his unwavering determination.

Seeking guidance from his friends on whether to engage with the instructor, Nathan demonstrated his eagerness and readiness to tackle the task.

Despite the tragedy, they found solace in believing that God had a different plan, recognizing that Nathan successfully faced the test before him.

Many of their well-wishers poured tribute and heartfelt condolences onto his grieving family via social media pages, especially Facebook.

Nathan friends
Nathan was loved by all of his relatives, friends, teammates and neighbors (Source: Facebook)

His aunt Carol Campbell also shared a very heartfelt message to his parents. She wrote: 

“Wesley and Keri, you both raised him upright. We all could see that in him. I just can’t imagine this ever happening to April or Julie. (Nathan’s cousins).”

“I honestly can’t say I know how you feel, but I know how I feel, and my heart is just aching for both of you. There are so many people praying for all of you right now. We love all of you so much!”

Likewise, his cousin April wrote: “My little cousin Nathan (turned 16 on Monday ) is playing football with Jesus now. I’d like to think he passed his heavenly driver’s test and is getting to be Jesus’chauffeur for a few days.”

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