Nate Appleman Son

Nate Appleman Son is something the food community fans are currently in search of. They want to know more about who the fortunate children are. 

Nathan Appleman is a multi-award-winning chef and former Chopped All-Star. He is currently the chief chef for the Charlie Palmer Collective.

His soulful cuisine has earned him national recognition. He received the James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef award in 2009 and the Food & Wine Best New Chef award in 2010.

He also received two distinguished book awards from the International Association of Culinary Professionals for his cookbooks A16 Food + Wine: Book of the Year and First Book: The Julia Child Award.

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Meet Nate Appleman Son Oliver Appleman And Daughter Poppy

Nate Appleman is a proud dad of Oliver Appleman and Poppy James Appleman. 

Oliver is the elder son of Nate and is about 15 years old. Similarly, Poppy, Nate’s youngest baby, was born in 2021 and is about one and a half years old. 

Nate Appleman Son
Nate Appleman, a nationally known chef who raises money for Kawasaki disease research, with his son Oliver in their San Diego home. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

When Oliver was two years old, the poor baby was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. Then, he was resolved to use his son’s rare condition to promote awareness.

Kawasaki disease is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation in the body’s blood vessels.

If left untreated, it can lead to heart issues and even death. Like most infants under five, Oliver is affected by the disease.

When Oliver began to exhibit symptoms of the sickness, he was rushed to the critical care unit, where he remained for several weeks and nearly died.

Oliver was diagnosed with Kawasaki illness and started treatment immediately, with antibodies derived from a single plasma donation.

Three years after Oliver’s diagnosis and treatment, Appleman participated in and won Food Network’s “Chopped All-Stars,” donating the entire $50,000 prize money to the Kawasaki Disease Foundation.

Appleman was asked to join the nonprofit’s board of directors due to his generous donation.

During his five-year tenure, he sponsored Cooking For KD, an annual event that brought chefs from all over the nation together to cook and raise funds for the UC San Diego Kawasaki Disease Center.

Due to Appleman’s long-standing relationship with the UCSD Kawasaki Disease Research Center, Oliver continues to receive treatments and can live a happy, whole life.

Oliver is almost 16 years old and lives a relatively everyday life while we carefully monitor his health and maintain a healthy and active family lifestyle.

Nate Appleman Married life and relationships

Nate Appleman’s wife, Rachel Galimidi, works at Calibr at Scripps Research.

Rachel began her new job in September 2022. Rachel Galimidi, Nate Appleman’s fiancée, has a Ph.D. in philosophy.

Nate Appleman son
Rachel Galimidi, Nate Appleman’s wife. (Source: Caltech)

She has worked as a manager and scientist in biotech companies.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has done extensive research on diseases and their treatments due to her strong research and extensive knowledge of immunotherapy and antibody engineering.

Rachel was the scientific Leader for a Bay Area start-up that raised over $100 million in numerous rounds of funding.

Her undergraduate degree in human biology was obtained at the University of Kansas, and her Doctorate was received at Caltech.

Poppy James Appleman, the couple’s beautiful boy, was born in 2021.

Similarly, Nate was previously married as well. Clarisee, an Integrative Nutritionist and Health Advisor, was his ex-wife.

According to her Facebook page, she studied nutrition and wellness coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

On October 19, she will be 19. In her greeting, she requested donations to the Kawasaki Disease Foundation to celebrate her birthday.

Following the birth of their first child, Oliver, Nate and Clarisee are co-parenting Oliver after their divorce. 

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