Natacha Karam Religion

Is Natacha Karam a Muslim? She followed the Muslim religion and was born to a mother of English and Irish descent and a Father of Jordanian descent.

Natacha Karam is a well-known Northern Irish and French Lebanese Actress.

She is best known for appearing in T.V. shows, including “The Brave” and “Silent Witness.” Before moving to television and movies, Karam started her acting career in stage productions.

Similarly, she secured a recurring role in 2017 as Jasmine “Jaz” Khan in the N.B.C. series “The Brave,” which chronicled a group of special military operatives.

Later, she appeared in the B.B.C. Drama Silent Witness and the Netflix series The Protector. In addition, Karam has been in several short films and T.V. episodes, including “Casualty” and “Doctors.”

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Natacha Karam Religion: Is She A Muslim?

According to, Natacha Karam is Muslim. 

Karam was born in Saudi Arabia to a Lebanese Father and a Northern Irish mother.

She spent her childhood living in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, and Dubai, where she started performing.

Natacha Karam is Muslim and spent her childhood living in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, and Dubai (Source: Instagram)

An Actress is establishing herself in Hollywood as a character on “9-1-1 Lone Star,” the most recent series produced by multiple Emmy and Golden Globe-winning writer Ryan Murphy.

She began her acting career on television after relocating to Los Angeles with modest roles on “Homeland” and “Silent Witness,” before being chosen to play Sergeant Jasmine Jaz Khan in the one-season military action Drama The Brave.

Interestingly, her ambition is to portray people who subvert audience preconceptions and stereotypes now that she has a platform in Hollywood.

Natacha Karam Ethnicity And Parents

Natacha Karam is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother is English and Irish, while her Father is of Jordanian ancestry. Natacha Karam now has Irish, English, and Arab ancestry.

But she has yet to publicize her parents’ private lives, so there isn’t much information about them.

While Karam was growing up, her family moved about; among the countries she resided were Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, and Dubai.

Natacha Karam Religion
Natacha Karam is of mixed ethnicity; her mother is English and Irish, while her Father is of Jordanian ancestry (Source: Instagram)

Soon after turning eighteen, she relocated to London to attend art school and pursue an acting career.

Karam believes that her multicultural upbringing and her multiple homes have uniquely prepared her to give the characters she portrays depth and humanity. She is proficient in Arabic and French.

In 2012, Karam finished her A Levels at Dubai College. She continued her studies at the City Literary Institute in London and received her diploma in 2014.

Besides this, an Actress has not disclosed any information about her romantic relationships, family, or personal interests outside of acting and dancing. 

Karam is active on social media and frequently shares her opinions on several topics, including social justice, the environment, and mental health.

Natacha Karam Net Worth: How Rich Is She? 

Natacha Karam has estimated to be worth about $1 million.

Her acting profession, which has landed her parts in T.V. shows, including The Brave, The Protector, and Silent Witness, is her primary source of income.

Natacha Karam Religion
Natacha Karam has estimated to be worth about $1 million (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Karam has appeared in several short films and T.V. episodes as a guest Actor. She is anticipated to continue making a sizable salary from her employment in the entertainment business as a rising star.

Not to mention, she has been playing fireman Marjan Marwani on Fox’s procedural Drama series 9-1-1: Lone Star’s main cast since 2020. 

Moreover, Karam acted as Dizzy in the upcoming Netflix movie The Old Guard.

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