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AI Character Naevis Death News stormed the Internet in 2021 when a tweet from a user about the lore spiked highly high, but SM Entertainment’s announcement three months ago contradicts it.

The concept of virtual K-Pop idols dates back to the 1990s and has steadily gained popularity.

The previous year, SUPERKIND, a K-Pop boy band, garnered attention due to their AI-based member Saejin. Recently, the entire AI group MAVE debuted with the track “Pandora.”

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Naevis Death News – What Happened To The AI Character From Aespa

The lore of SM Entertainment’s Aespa is intricately linked to the Metaverse, featuring computer-generated æ-aespa versions for each member.

The AI system known as Naevis, which is stylized as nævis or NAEVIS, assists the members of Aespa in manifesting themselves in the physical world.

The initial appearance of this character occurred in the teaser video for MY, KARINA. Additionally, the feeling was included in the promotional images for the group’s Black Mamba release.

Naevis returns in Episode 3 of the SM Culture Universe to aid Aespa in defeating Black Mamba in KWANGYA but disregards the KOSMOzens’ warnings and sacrifices herself in the process.

Naevis Death News
Addressing Naevis Death News and SM’s January Announcement on her March Debut (Source: Twitter)

She is responsible for aiding the group and their avatar counterparts to coexist harmoniously while confronting their enemy, the fictional character Black Mamba.

Initially, fans speculated that Nævis ceased to exist following her selfless sacrifice to overcome the Black Mamba, as inferred from the lyrics and music video of the track “Savage.”

However, an announcement by SM Entertainment surfaced a few months that will alter the Aespa storyline, including the previously assumed “deceased” AI character.

Aespa Naevis March Debut Never Happened

It was disclosed on January 25 that Nævis would have her first-ever stage appearance in March 2023. The CEO of SM, Lee Sung Soo, also named Chris Lee, revealed that the organization intends to introduce Nævis as an “AI artist.”

Per their statement, Nævis’ vocals were supposed to be created by analyzing the voices of twelve different voice actors.

While Nævis was set to make her official debut on stage at the renowned SXSW music festival (also known as South By South West), it ultimately did not come to fruition.

The VR concert by Aespa did take place, but there was no indication of Naevis’ debut.

An exasperated fan expressed their disappointment by stating that SME is mistreating Naevis by making commitments they cannot fulfill. Considering the amount of effort invested in training her in the computer, she deserves better.

VR Concert at SXSW
VR Concert at SXSW 2023: Aespa | Naevis Death News (Source: Billboard)

“I didn’t have any desire for this news, but it made me upset. This was an excellent chance for them to strengthen their position in the AI market. I am still annoyed about NCT Hollywood. Seriously, why did that happen?” said another fan.

The response to AI being involved in K-Pop Groups has been diverse, with several K-netizens questioning the rationale behind SM’s decision.

Some of the popular responses in a Twitter thread were: 

  • “Why are they so fixated on animated objects?”
  • “It would be wise to prioritize the well-being of the artists already under your wing. So Naevis debuts before Sungtaro?”
  • “Isn’t this like super expensive? So like, where is all the money going? Lmao. smh.”
  • “Naevis Death News back in 2021 was fake? Ugh!”

The global fanbase has also expressed varied opinions in response to this news. While some are thrilled about the potential for Aespa’s AI storyline to broaden, others are more reserved.

Some have voiced their preference for SM to concentrate on its existing artists, particularly Aespa, who have not yet dropped a third single or a complete album.

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