Monica Garcia kids

As a single mother, Moika has shared her story on RHOSLC, and Monica Garcia Kids has become an interesting topic to search for viewers.

Monika Gracia is a Portuguese-Colombian entrepreneur best known for participating in season four of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Gracia was born on 1 June 1983 in Utah, United States. She graduated with a degree in business administration from the University of Utah.

Gracia is a single mom of four kids and runs a baby products business, Brea Baby. The company sells baby swaddles, blankets and crib sheets and is focused on creating stylish, unique, organic or one-of-a-kind baby products.

Furthermore, Garcia began Brea Baby in 2019. She is the founder of Persona Nongrata. It is a brand that aims to support and empower women who have felt unwelcome or rejected by society.

Garcia’s life stories are inspiring. She has revealed many things about her on RHOSLC. Viewers are curious and want to know more about Monica Garcia Kids and family.

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Monica Garcia Kids

Monica Gacia is a proud mother of her four daughters. She loves them and adores them so much.

As a single mother, it was hard to raise children on her own. But besides going through some tough times, she overcame all the obstacles.

Monica Garcia Kids
Monica Garcia’s adorable daughters. (Source: Instagram)

Garcia happily lives with her daughters, providing them with all the necessities and care. With the experience of being a hardworking mother, she runs her Baby Products company successfully.

Furthermore, Garcia often posts her daughter’s pictures on Instagram. We can see beautiful pictures of her daughters in beautiful princess dresses on social media.

After the departure from her past husband, it was tough for Garcia to raise her children. Later, instead of doing a 9-5 job, she thought of doing a business by caring for and staying with her four young daughters and began the company, Brea Baby.

Meet Monica Daughters Jaidyn, West, Kendall and Bri

Monica Garcia has four daughters, Jaidyn, West, Kendall and Bri. Bri is her eldest daughter.

According to Yahoo, Bri is Garcia’s daughter from her previous relationship. However, Jaidyn, West and Kendall are her daughters from her relationship with his ex-husband Mike.

As per MEAWW, Bri is 17 years old. Similarly, Jaidyn and West are 14 and 7 years old. Gracia’s youngest daughter, Kendall, is 5 years old.

Furthermoe, the children are currently studying. They are very close to their mother. We can see their adorable pictures on Gracia’s Instagram.

Monica Garcia takes them as her source of happiness and support. As a mother, she is willing to do everything for her children.

Monica Garcia Love Life

Concerning Monica Garcia’s love life, it’s unknown about her past relationships and affairs; she married Mike in September 2009 in Kaysville, Utah.

Monica filed a divorce against Mike in December 2013, citing irreconcilable differences between them. But later, they reconciled, and their divorce was dismissed in January 2015.

Monica Garcia kids
Monica Garcia was married to Mike. (Source: The US Sun)

After the incident, Monica lived with her husband, Mike, for about eight years. She filed for divorce against her husband on 12 June 2023  for the second time.

It seems Mike and Monica are continuing their divorce process. Monica also admitted to having sexual contact with her brother-in-law for 18 months.

Monika felt guilty for doing that. She was also excommunicated from the Mormon Church. She received punishment, but his brother-in-law did not receive any punishment, and he was allowed in the church.

Also, Garcia found herself in an entanglement about four years into her marriage. This is also a reason behind her separation from her ex-partner, Mike.

Overall, Monica Garcia is a strong mother of her children. She has made a mistake in her life and has accepted it. She is moving forward positively, working for her children’s lives and future.

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