Hot Topic: Is Molly Burnett Leaving SVU? The question haunted every viewer as the Actress quickly captivated the audience with her charismatic, bold, and iconic presence in the show.

The team in Law & Order: Organized Crime experienced heartbreaking developments in tonight’s season finale, which concluded a crossover event with SVU.

Is Molly Burnett Leaving SVU? Where Is She Going?

Molly Burnett’s last scene on Law & Order: Organized Crime suggests that Muncy is leaving the Manhattan unit.

So, is Molly Burnett Leaving SVU? Well, we are unsure if she is really leaving the show as there have been no comments from the production team and the ‘Days of our Lives’ alumni.

The Actress has yet to release an official statement regarding her departure from the show (if she is leaving L&O); she was actively promoting the season finale on her Instagram story.

Numerous fans have expressed their curiosity about her final scene’s outcome, which may indicate her departure from the show. However, it is equally plausible that it could simply serve as a gripping cliffhanger.

Molly Burnett Leaving SVU
Is Molly Burnett Leaving SVU? Where Is She Going? (Source: TV Insider)

Just three days ago, Molly posted a photo of her in Paris, France, on her Instagram, and many fans have been commenting on it, hoping for a reply on whether she will continue on SVU.

One of her fans wrote, “Pease say you’re not done on L&O already!! Unless it’s for a new L&O spinoff. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ”

Another wrote, “😭😭😭 please tell me you’re not leaving SVU. I loved your character!”

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Molly Burnett Has Been On The Show-Biz Industry For More Than A Decade

Molly Burnett made her breakthrough in 2008 as Melanie Jonas on the daytime serial Days of Our Lives.

She transitioned to prime-time guest spots on shows like CSI: NY and Major Crimes after leaving daytime TV in 2012.

Burnett ventured into movies, landing roles in MTV’s Ladies Man: A Made Movie and Hallmark’s This Magic Moment.

The actress expanded her repertoire with indie films, including Ctrl+Alt+Del, The Wedding Party, and Shattered.

Molly Burnett
Molly Burnett has appeared on the classic soap opera ‘Days of our lives’ (Source: TV Insider)

Burnett returned to Days of Our Lives for six months in 2014. Later, she filled in as Maxie Jones at General Hospital in 2016 and 2018.

In 2022, she joined Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Detective Grace Muncy, starting as a recurring character and becoming a series regular in the 24th season.

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Season Finale: SVU and Organized Crime

In the season finale crossover episode between Law & Order: Organized Crime and SVU, Detective Jamie Whelan suffers a tragic incident when the antagonist shoots him in the neck, resulting in paralysis and the inability to feel his legs.

Despite his dire condition, Jamie demonstrates immense selflessness by prioritizing the medical attention of their enemy, urging the medic to help the antagonist first.

The bullet that struck Jamie’s neck damaged his spinal cord, leading to his paralysis. The medical team connects him to a breathing assistance device to ensure his survival.

Despite his physical limitations, Jamie expresses his desire to his colleague, Detective Bobby Reyes, to disconnect the breathing assistance device, as he does not wish to continue living in such a state.

Fans have mixed reaction to Law & order SVU Season Finale (Source: TV Insider)

The emotional weight of Jamie’s decision becomes more apparent when his Father arrives at the hospital. The scene is filled with heart-wrenching moments as they share their final conversations and express their love for each other.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Jamie dies shortly after his Father’s arrival. The team and fans of the character are left devastated by the loss of their beloved teammate and friend.

The aftermath of Jamie’s death profoundly affects the team as they struggle to come to terms with the loss and adapt to the absence of their dedicated colleague.

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