Karlie Guse Parents

Karlie Guse Parents are Zac and Melissa Guse. Karlie lived with her father, stepmother and two younger siblings.

Karlie Guse was a 16-year-old girl who was reported missing by her family on 13 October 2018 morning. She was a beautiful young girl with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her family last saw Karlie at their residence in the White Mountain Estates area of Chalfant Vammet in California.

In the early morning on 13 October, Karlie left her family residence. Some other people also spotted Karlie that morning.

Karlie did not take her personal belongings. She left everything in her family home, including her mobile phone.

Furthermore, Karlie Guse has not contacted any of her family and friends.

As per sources, Karlie’s parents claimed that Karlie had smoked marijuana at a party the previous night and was acting erratically and paranoid.

Many investigations have been done until today, but no news or evidence has been found about Karlie. Let’s talk more about Karlie Guse’s parents and siblings. 

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Missing Girl Karlie Guse Parents Zac And Melissa Guse

Regarding her parents, Karlie Guse was the daughter of Zac Guse and Lindsay Fairley. She has a stepmother Melissa Guse.

After Karlie did not return home on 13 October, her father, Zac and stepmother started worrying for her and later informed the police about it.

Karlie Guse Parents
Karlie Guse was living with her father and stepmother. (Source: People)

As they claimed, Karlie had smoked marijuana the previous night of her disappearance, Karlie’s stepmother recorded audio of Karlie’s behavior that night to show her the consequences of drug consumption.

Karlie’s father, Zach, stated that Karlie looked high on drugs, and he also believed that marijuana was possibly mixed with other substances.

Furthermore, Karlie’s mother, Lindsay Fairley, believes his daughter likely died of a drug overdose.

The disappearance of Karlie Guse is shocking as her family, friends, and cops have tried their best to find her.

Karlie Guse Siblings And Aftermath

There is not much information known about Karlie Guse’s siblings. But, as per sources, she lived with her father, stepmother and two younger siblings in California.

As their sister has been missing for several years, thet still have hope that their sister will return to them.

Karlie Guse Parents
Karlie Guse was living with her two younger siblings. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

As per People, Karlie loves to watch and spend time with her siblings. She used to watch scary movies with them.

The FBI also offered a reward of $50000 to people if they found and provided any information regarding Karlie to officials.

After two years of Karlie missing, one drug user said thet he had seen Karlie at a party in 2021. Still, investigators and polices are doing their best to find Karlie Guse.

Overall, Karlie Guse’s disappearance is one of the shocking cases. After such lengthy investigations and work, she still has not been found. But there is still some hope in Karlie’s family and siblings of her return. 

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