Mirtha Jung

Mirtha Jung is notoriously known as the wife of a former drug lord, George Jung. Together with her husband, Mirtha smuggled a large percentage of drugs into the states during the 1970s and 1980s.

Moreover, Mirtha rose to prominence after the release of the movie ‘Blow’ based on her husband’s life. Many might not know about her so, let’s dive into the world of Mirtha and her life.

Mirtha Jung age
Mirtha Jung

But before here are some interesting facts about Mirtha Jung.

Mirtha Jung: Quick Facts

Full Name Mirtha Calderon Del Val
Nickname Mirtha Jung
Marital Status Divorced
Ethnicity Cuban American
Nationality American
Date of birth December 3, 1952
Spouse George Jung
Children 1


Mirtha Jung was born in America as Mirtha Calderon. There have been many speculations regarding her birth date. But it has come to know that Mirtha was born on December 3, 1952, in Havana, Cuba.

However, she does belong to American nationality and is of Cuban American. Also, there is no information about Jung’s parents, including their names and whereabouts.

Early Life and Childhood

Unfortunately, there is not much to know about her childhood and early days. Since she only rose to fame after she married George Jung, there are not many details about her life before.

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Similarly, there is no information about Mirtha’s educational background. And Mirtha has not revealed any details regarding her family backgrounds and siblings.

Age and Measurements

Talking about the age, Mirtha is now 67 years old. Moreover, Jung has a pair of attractive brown eyes and long light brown hair.

Apart from this, there is no information about her exact measurements, including height, weight, and so on. However, Mirtha stands at a considerable height and weight.

Mirtha Jung: Life after George Jung

Mirtha was a 24-year-old drug addict when she met George Jung, who was ten years older than her. The pair dated for a few years before getting married. The couple tied the knots on March 22, 1977. After a year, the pair welcomed a daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung on August 1, 1978.

Her marriage with George Jung heated the media, and Mirtha became an overnight sensation. The couple lived a happy relationship for seven long years before getting divorced in 1986.

After the divorce, the couple went their own separate ways. George Jung moved on and married Ronda Clay Spinello Jung, but Mirtha stayed single throughout her life. In an interview, Mirtha stated that George is the only man she ever loved. The former wife single-handedly raised their single daughter, Kristina.

Mirtha Jung: Net Worth and Income

As of 2019, the former wife has a net worth of $1 million. However, Jung has not openly disclosed her salary and income to the public.

But before her divorce, Mirtha and George used to smuggle drugs worth $100 million to the states. Some sources even claimed that the pair earned over $5 million per day. Also, George kept the money in the national bank of Panama to avoid money laundering.

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Though Mirtha has stayed away from the path of drugs, she still earns a sufficient amount to live by. Meanwhile, her daughter, Kristina Jung, enjoys a net worth of $150,000.

Mirtha Jung: Criminal Records and Controversies

From an early age, Mirtha was the slave of drugs. She was a drug addict when she met her husband, George Jung. In fact, she consumed drugs even after Kristina, her daughter’s birth.

Since she was linked with George, Mirtha was accused of drug possession. Likewise, Jung served three years in prison and has since then stayed away from drugs. She was released in 1981 and made all the efforts to live clean, all for her daughter’s sake. Kristina was just six years old at that time. 

Mirtha and her husband worked with the ‘Medellin Cartel’ and used to smuggle a massive amount of drugs during the 1970s and 1980s. But with few passing years, the Medellin Cartel started falling. Following the event, George was sent to prison and sentenced to 20 years. He was released in 2014 and since then has maintained a good relationship with his daughter, Kristina. 

Mirtha Jung: Biographical Film ‘Blow’

In 2001, Mirtha collaborated with director Ted Demme, writer Bruce Porter, and screenwriters David McKenna and Nick Cassavetes and made the biographical book. The book was titled,’Blow: How a Small-Town Boy Made $100 Million with the Medellin Cartel and Lost It All’.

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The book was later turned into a movie that was played by many prominent actors of Hollywood. Mirtha was performed by the Academy Award-winning actress Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp played George. Likewise, the movie was a huge success both critically and commercially.

Social Media Presence

As of now, the 67-year-old Mirtha is not active on any social media platforms. It seems the former wife wants to live a peaceful life with her family and friends.

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