Mikel Zulueta Edad Wikipedia

Many people have searched Mikel Zulueta Edad Wikipedia, as he is one of the famous Spanish chefs.

Zulueta is a well-known chef in the country with experience in Italian, Spanish, and Basque cuisines.

Mikel Zulueta earned the top exam score in his class while studying International Cuisine as Higher Level Technician at Inacap.

He had previously won the gold medal for the young cook’s category at the ExpoGourmand competition.

In the national Aromas culinary competition, his House of study gave him another gold medal after it was named in 2000.

Four years later, chef Mikel Zulueta started his Guria restaurant with his brothers Iaki and Javier. Guria specializes in crafting classic Spanish culinary specialties.

Additionally, Mikel Zulueta has worked as a television host for shows like “Rutas para Chile” and “Cooking without Borders” on Channel 13.

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Mikel Zulueta Edad Wikipedia: How Old Is The Chef?

Despite being a highly well-known and exceptional chef, Mikel does not have a biography on Wikipedia.

Mikel Zulueta Edad Wikipedia
Chef Mikel Zulueta Edad (Source: 13.cl)

Since his early days in the gastronomy industry, Mikel Zulueta has shown that he has a natural ability.

He had just completed his studies when he received a Gold medal from his academic institution in the Aromas national culinary competition.

His age has not yet been disclosed. However, he has acknowledged that he has always had a passion for food and cooking.

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Mikhel Zulueta Edad Family explored

Mikhel co-founded his restaurant with his two brothers, Laki and Javier.

As he reflects on his upbringing in a family of Basque descent where food was valued highly, Mikel Zulueta shares an essential fact about shellfish that he learned from his Father during frequent trips to the Central Market.

Mikel Zulueta Edad Wikipedia
Mikel Zulueta Edad with his wife (Source: Facebook)

His Father would frequently quiz him about different kinds of fish.

“My Father spoke passionately and put me to the test: what is the name of this fish? What’s the use of the other one?

You cook with a particular sensibility when you are aware of and appreciate the ingredients “, Mikhel explains.

He has a wife and children in addition to his parents and siblings.

Though he is not their biological Father, he raises his wife’s children as if they were his own.

Mikel Zulueta Edad Wikipedia
Mikel Zulueta Edad with his brothers (Source: Facebook)

“When I was younger, I had no desire to have children. Never. I desired both travel and employment.

The thought of having kids never even crossed my mind when I was previously married. “Mikel Zulueta’s narrative had a highly emotional opening.

You are the best stepfather of all the starts, according to the cards and drawings they handed him. This deeply affected him.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Mikhel Zulueta Edad?

Mikhel Zulueta has not yet disclosed his wealth. His work as a chef appears to be his primary source of income.

He developed an early interest in cuisine. He grew up to be a chef, according to his Father.

Moreover, the chef constantly scrutinized the ingredients.

He started working as a young chef, which sparked a greater-than-ever enthusiasm for food.

One of the well-known Spanish chefs was once a young child who always looked up to his family and Father.

To perfect his cuisine, the chef visited various nations. He visited Australia in 2001 to attend the TAFE Sydney Institute, where he focused on fusion cooking and took Basque, French, and Danish cuisine classes.

We’ll update it if Mikhel ever makes his net worth public.

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