Michelle Moyer

There is a famous saying that the third time is the lucky one, but it’s always not the same case. Michelle Moyer might not be a renowned name compared to her husband, but surely she received the limelight when she was with Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman is one of the well-known basketball players who watched out for in his prime. There is more to his third wife than just the fame from marriage. Stay with us so that we can deliver what is there.

Michelle Moyer net worth
Michelle Moyer with Dennis Rodman Source: SuperWags

But first, some quick facts does no harm

Michelle Moyer: Quick Facts

Full Name Michelle Moyer
Date of Birth 1967
Nickname Michelle
Marital Status Single
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Age 57
Profession Celebrity
Nationality American
Weight 50 kgs
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Children 2
Net Worth $400k


Michelle Moyer was born in 1967. The exact date of birth is unknown because of the limited fame. Moyer’s parent’s name, along with the sibling, is not known to the general media. At times it is understandable from the lady due to sudden media fame.

She holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. There is no exact information on the zodiac sign due to no date of birth.

Age and Body Measurements

Moyer is 53 years old as of now. She stands at a decent height, with the weight being 50 kgs. During her prime, the celebrity figure surely might be the one to look out for so that the NBA star fell for her. But there is no information on the vital body statistics.

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Moyer is into her 50’s, which suggests that her body shape is not highly taken care of. Due to divorce, she has gone under the radar, be it the information or body care. Moyer owns a straight jawline and a high cheekbone, which surely is the distinctive feature of this diva. Besides that, Michelle’s distinction is the left tattooed arm that dignifies his personality. To round up the good looks, brown hair dyed in blonde and the eyes of brown color plays an important role.

Early Life and Education

Michelle was born in the states, spending most of her childhood there. Before marrying Rodman, there was no fame on her, so most of her early life information is a far cry.

In the case of the educational background, too, nothing accurate is known. Looking at the way she spent all of her childhood in the state, we feel Moyer attended an institute in the states.


It is a well-known phenomenon that if the partner is famous, then another loves to live under the radar. Similar is the case of Michelle, who is silent about the career she holds.

Before being together with Dennis, no one knows what she was doing. So immense spotlight once and for all made her silent all along. On the other hand, the husband of this diva is an outstanding player of the NBA.

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Rodman is a retired masterclass who played for Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, and many more. Rodman received the nickname worm for his outstanding work all along. His small forward position won him huge awards and accolades all along.

Husband| Who Is Michelle Moyer Married To?

One of the most important reasons to identify Michelle Moyer is from her marriage. This American lady is married to Dennis Rodman. There might be the least amount of people who might be unknown about the man.

Both of the lovebirds met in 1999 and dated for over four years. After dating for so long, they walked down the aisle in 2003. It was a pretty close event with the family and friends attending it.

Michelle Moyer husband
Michelle Moyer with her family

What’s more surprising is that their relationship lasted for only a year and broke in 2004. It was a matter of sheer problems that led to the breakage. Before breaking out, though, they had two kids named D.J born in 2000, and daughter Trinity born in 2001.

The main cause of the divorce was due to the habits of Dennis. The man was highly into drugs and alcoholism. This proved to be the problem, and what added worst was the physical abuse of Moyer.

Relationship with Dennis at Present

After the break in the hard-fought marriage, the couple parted ways. There is no information about Dennis and Moyer’s togetherness, but one thing is sure they see each other at times.

In the year 2016, the couple was seen together enjoying a basketball game. With the intention of taking care of the children, they have set aside the bad past, but timely, Dennis gets himself arrested for substance use. Michelle, however, is single and has not been in any relationship.

Net Worth| How Much Does Michelle Moyer Earns?

If there is a minimum to no information about the career, then it surely is hard to know the net worth too. Michelle is silent on career, and we are barehanded about the money owned also. What’s intimidating is the fact that divorce brought her net worth of $400k.

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On the other hand, the net worth of her husband is $500k. His basketball career has done the man proper justice all along.

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