Michel Stern

Michel stern is someone who is well known as a french Advertising executive who tends to rule American markets these days. A good business should surely have better marketing and advertising brains behind it, and the same is the work that Michel performs.

The man is highly praised around America for his work, but he is also praised for being the husband of the actress Lisa Kudrow. Michel Stern’s wife, Lisa Kudrow, has made a name for herself with some stellar acting performances.

The story of the husband, who is known through his wife, is something to roll the eyeballs around. So hang tight till the end to know more.

Michel Stern early life
Michel Stern

Before directly entering into the topic, though, let’s know some quick facts!

Michel Stern: Quick Facts

Full Name Michel Stern
Date of Birth 1958
Nickname Michel
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Ethnicity French
Profession Businessman
Nationality American
Wife Lisa Kudrow
Eye color Blue
Son Julian Murray
Build Average
Online Presence N/A
Net Worth N/A

Who is Michel Stern’s wife, Lisa Kudrow? Relationship Timeline

Astonishingly Michel is one of the USA’s well-known advertising executives, but the man highly came into the limelight when he married Lisa Kudrow. The beautiful nature of managing the advertising sector is highly used in his family life as well, and he has a good family.

Michel Stern equal half
Michel Stern’s wife, Lisa Kudrow, attends the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Lisa Kudrow, as we all know, is an award-winning actress as well. On July 30, 1963, Lisa Kudrow was born in LA. The actress has played the role of Phoebe in the series Friends for which she was awards and accolades as well. The talented lady has won various awards, namely the Primetime Emmy Awards, Screen actors guild awards, and golden globe awards.

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Lisa is a good actress and a great writer, producer, and comedian. The readers must be hovering around to know how they actually met well, then let’s break the ice.


One of the most uncharacteristic love stories is sure of Michel and Lisa. The couple met through another friend, we surely can say. Lisa met Michel with the help of her roommate. Michel was dating the french roommate, and after some friendly interactions between the two through the roommate, they immediately fell for each other.

Michel Stern child
Michel Stern wife and son

The couple felt lucky for their company and loved being around each other. The result is the fact that they surely were going wonders in their relationship.

On May 27, 1995, the couple walked down the aisle and promised never to let it go. The event took place in Malibu, California. Surprisingly the occasion was celebrated with only the close people, and not a lot of hype was made in attendance.

One of the most well balanced and healthy running marriage is sure of this couple. The couple has successfully made together for more than 2 decades, and surely through God’s grace, there is surely no news of clashes or reason to be far away from each other.

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Identically the blessing went a step further when the couple was blessed with a baby boy on May 7, 1997, named Julian Murray. Julian is blessed to be born in such a lavish family of actress and businessman. The couple is happy, and we wish all the good wishes for further times as well.

Net worth

It is, for sure identical to the fact that Michel is a secretive individual. The man has kept a lot of information into himself and also not disclosed. Sources suggest that the French advertisers have a net worth of around 1.1 million dollars.

The net worth of $1.1 million is surely not up to his standard. Michel lives a lavish life with his wife and enjoys the days ahead. The authoritative sources” net worth doesn’t do justice to a life lived by the man. Contrastingly the net worth of his wife Lisa is termed to be $60 million. 

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The success ratio and the man’s aura surely suggest that the joint net worth will surely increase in the days to come.

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