Ruth Gabriel Marido

Ruth Gabriel Marido is the son of the well-known director Carlos Saura as they have frequently collaborated personally and professionally.

Ruth Sánchez Bueno, known professionally as Ruth Gabriel, is a Spanish Actress. When she starred in her debut film, Das Contados by Imanol Uribe, she went under the name Ruth Gabriel. She was nominated for Best Leading Actress and got the Concha de Oro and Goya Awards for Best New Actress.

She appeared in Luis Filipe Rocha’s Seales de Fuego, Jaime Chávarri’s Gran Slalom, and Agust Villaronga’s 99.9.

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Between 1997 and 1998, she appeared in the first season of the series Querido Maestro alongside Imanol Arias and Emma Suárez. She made her first film debut in 1997 with Nostromo.

Her first assignment as an interpreter was for the Spanish version of Sesame Street.

Meet Ruth Gabriel Marido Antonio Saura

Ruth Gabriel and Antonio Saura are well-known in the film business, with both people making their mark.

Ruth Gabriel and Antonio Saura have frequently collaborated personally and professionally, resulting in a distinct dynamic. They were photographed together at several significant events, including the RNE 65th Sant Jordi Film Awards in 2021 and the Goya Movie Awards in 2019.

Ruth Gabriel Marido
Ruth Gabriel with her Marido Antonio Saura (source: Zimbio)

As a couple extensively involved in cinema, Ruth Gabriel and Antonio Saura show a shared dedication to the creative form.

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She has been joined on this road of labor and study by another person associated with a film, her husband, Antonio Saura, son of the well-known director Carlos Saura.

Antonio works as a producer, a profession he describes as “quite lovely since it is the labor of someone who has to make things happen but then has to presume that others will do them,” he said on Radio Prague International’s Spanish program.

Besides her personal life, Ruth has expressed her strong connection with fellow Actress Clara Alvarado on social media. So much so that when the interpreter from ‘La House de Papel went back to work as a nurse during the most crucial periods of the epidemic, she was an accomplice of the Actress in a beautiful effort.

Ruth Gabriel Hijos And Family

For years, the couple has enjoyed a more than solid love story, and with their two children, they have formed a wonderful family. 

Ruth stated in an interview with ’10 Minutes’ that she wouldn’t mind if her children followed in her (and her grandparents’) footsteps as long as they were happy. “Their happiness touches me in my relationship with them.”

Ruth Gabriel Marido
Ruth Gabriel with her career movie (source: Hola)

Despite Ruth and Antonio’s reputation for stability, the Actress was once related to José Miguel Fernández Sastrón, Simoneta Gómez-spouse Acebo, until 2009. 

Although being spotted together having leisure plans with other pals, they could never confirm anything.

Her career is in her blood, as she was born in Cádiz in 1975. Her Father is Actor Ismael Sánchez Abellán, and her mother is Ana Mara Bueno de la Pea, better known as Ana Rossetti. 

She chose to pursue acting professionally at fourteen and moved to the United States to begin her training.

She returned to our country’s capital after traveling through Florence to make her debut film, ‘Numbered Days,’ for which she received a Goya for Best New Actress and was nominated for Best Leading Actress. Since then, Ruth Gabriel has worked on various projects and has a lengthy portfolio.

Ruth Gabriel Career Explored

Ruth Gabriel’s debut performance earned her the Concha de Oro (Golden Shell) and the Goya Award for Best New Actress. These recognitions marked her debut as a rising star in Spanish cinema. Her dazzling talents and adaptability quickly earned her professional fame.

Ruth Gabriel has demonstrated her acting talent in various roles throughout her career. She has collaborated with well-known filmmakers and has been featured in essential films. 

“Seales de Fuego” by Luis Filipe Rocha, “Gran Slalom” by Jaime Chávarri, and “99.9” by Agust Villaronga are among her notable works.


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