Innocent Son

Innocent son Sonnet Parppidam and his entire family are currently grieving his loss. He passed away on March 26, 2023, due to complications arising from pneumonia.

Innocent, whose real name was Innocent Vareed Thekkethala was an Indian Actor, film producer, writer, and politician.

He was predominantly known for his comedic roles in Malayalam films and a few Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, and English films.

Throughout his career spanning more than five decades, he appeared in more than 700 films, earning him a reputation as one of the finest comedians in Malayalam cinema.

Innocent started his acting journey in the 1970s with minor movie roles and gradually progressed to play character and supporting roles.

His versatility as an Actor and his capability to portray a diverse range of characters earned him great recognition.

In addition to his successful career in the film industry, Innocent also pursued an active political life. 

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Meet Innocent Son Sonnet Parppidam – Did The Late Malayalam Actor Had A Daughter?

Sonnet Parppidam is well-recognized as the son of Innocent, an Indian Actor. The late Malayalam Actor does not have a daughter. 

Innocent tied the knot with Alice on September 26, 1976, and remained married until Innocent’s passing in March 2023.

The couple recently marked their 46th wedding anniversary. They welcomed a son named Sonnet Parppidam into their lives, whose current age is unknown, but he celebrates his birthday in February.

Innocent Son
Sonnet Parppidam is well-recognized as the son of Innocent, an Indian Actor. The late Malayalam Actor does not have a daughter (Source: WikiBio)

Sonnet, Innocent’s son, is a parent with a son and a daughter named Innocent Jr. and Anna, respectively.

Innocent was known for sharing updates on his family and a photo featuring him, Anna, Alice, and the rest of the family dressed in yellow.

According to reports, Innocent Jr., who shares his grandfather’s name, is pursuing a career in the same field. It is believed that he portrayed the character of his grandfather in a documentary.

While Innocent had a thriving acting career in Malayalam cinema, he remains the only member of his family to have actively worked in the industry.

Who Was Innocent Wife? 

Innocent, a Malayalam Actor’s wife was Alice. The pair married on September 26, 1976, until Innocent’s passing in March 2023.

More than ten years ago, Innocent and his wife Alice were diagnosed with Cancer. Innocent chronicled his Cancer journey in a book titled Cancer Wardile Chiri, in which he described how he turned his chemotherapy sessions into a fun experience by watching movies and joking with other patients.

Innocent Son
Innocent, a Malayalam Actor’s wife was Alice and the pair married on September 26, 1976, until Innocent’s passing in March 2023 (Source: News9live)

Further, he wrote that he used comedy to combat his misery and encouraged others to smile and accept challenges.

In 2015, Innocent announced that he had overcome Cancer, and Alice later confirmed that she had also beaten the disease.

However, Alice faced a new health challenge in 2020 when she was hospitalized with Covid-19. Thankfully, she has since recovered.

Innocent Death Cause And Illness

After experiencing sudden illness on March 3, 2023, Innocent was admitted to the hospital and later placed on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support when his condition worsened.

Despite being a Cancer survivor, Innocent spent nearly three weeks in the hospital due to complications related to his Cancer.

Sadly, he passed away on March 26, 2023, at 75, at VPS Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi, Kerala. Dr. V. P. Gangadharan was treating him and confirmed that he died due to pneumonia-related complications.

The entire Indian film industry will remember him.

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Actor Innocent Siblings – Family Details And Photos

Actor Innocent’s death has shocked the entire Malayalam film industry. His absence is also felt in the Tamil, Kannada, English, and Hindi film industry, where he worked on several projects.

Many people gain fame and make their breakthroughs each year. However, those that are iconic will forever remain iconic regardless of new arrivals. Likewise, Innocent was a legend who will always be embedded in people’s memories.

The actor survived the brutal cancer diagnosis with cheerfulness and distress free, which surprised his doctors. It is said he only cried once after the diagnosis, which too was to reveal the illness to his family.

Sadly, the guy who always made others happy even if he was in anguish is no more. He passed away from pneumonia, and the world is still in shock following his tragic demise. Tributes and condolences came from fans and actors worldwide to the legendary Malayalam acting sensation.

Innocent Siblings
Innocent grew up in a large household with seven siblings (Source: Onmanoroma)

Fans have also turned their sights on learning more about Innocent’s family, including his parents and siblings. As we have already talked about his wife and children, let’s now move on to learn about Innocent’s brothers and sisters.

The late star was born on March 4, 1948, to his late parents, Margaleetha and Thekkethala Vareethu. He came from a large household with seven siblings. Innocent was his parents’ third son and fifth child.

Unfortunately, not much about actor Innocent’s siblings have been revealed. It is unknown if they are involved in the movie industry like him. As Innocent’s brothers and sisters have stayed away from the limelight, it’s hard to learn about them.

But, from what we could find out, the Malayalam star’s siblings, Saleena and Paulu, passed away long ago. They are resting alongside their late parents, Margaleetha and Thekkethala, at the cemetery at Kizhakke Palli.

There has been no mention of what caused Saleena and Paulu’s death. Likewise, not much has been disclosed about actor Innocent’s parents. Nonetheless, he likely grew up in a loving household with supportive parents and siblings.

The late Kannada star is survived by his wife, son, and grandchildren. He has been laid to rest with state honors at the St. Thomas Cathedral Cemetery. Thousands paid respect to Innocent on social media, and many attended his funeral.

Actors, politicians, directors, and VIPs paid respects to Innocent at the funeral. May he rest in peace.

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