Casey Costa Ex Husband

Casey Costa Ex-Husband, Brooks Peters, is an Entrepreneur and Founder of High Altitude Lawn Care and Hauling: A Closer Look at their Journey as Ex-Spouses.

Casey Costa, renowned for her substantial TikTok following and captivating content creation, rose to prominence by participating in the reality TV show “The Big D” on the USA Network.

The show brings together six divorcees living under one roof, each in search of new love while their former spouses bear witness.

Adding to her accomplishments, Casey authored a captivating fictional novel, “Cinderella Girl,” drawing inspiration from her upbringing and childhood experiences.

Aside from her TikTok presence, Casey actively engages with her audience on her Instagram account under the handle casey_costa_official.

Casey also had a notable role as a cast member on “The Big D,” further solidifying her presence in reality television. 

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Meet Casey Costa Ex Husband Brooks Peters

Casey Costa’s ex-husband, Brooks Peters, is an entrepreneur and has consistently focused on expanding his business.

In 2016, he founded High Altitude Lawn Care & Hauling, and since then, he has built a capable team and experienced remarkable growth.

Brooks’ company provides high-altitude lawn care and hauling services for residential and commercial properties.

Casey Costa Ex Husband
Brooks Peters, Casey Costa’s former husband, is an entrepreneur who has consistently directed his efforts toward expanding his business (Source: USANetwork)

His initial expertise and industry knowledge have played a significant role in propelling the business’s growth. Following establishing his business, Brooks increasingly immersed himself in the daily obligations of his venture.

Additionally, he began carrying the stress back to his home, faced with challenges in his professional life.

Both Casey and Brooks have prioritized their professional endeavors. While Casey has pursued a career in media, Brooks has established his own business.

Casey Costa has become a notable figure as a social media influencer, boasting nearly a million followers on TikTok.

Her Instagram account has also amassed a substantial following, enabling Casey to promote products, share affiliate links, and provide updates about her life. 

Casey Costa And Brooks Peters Relationship Timeline

According to IMDb, Casey Costa and Brooks Peters were married and divorced after two years. She and her former spouse have a son together.

Brooks said their relationship was going well until he started his own business.

On the other hand, they participated in the reality TV show “The Big D” on the USA Network.

In the show called “The Big D,” divorced couples are brought to a tropical villa with the opportunity to find a second chance at love by dating other participants who have gone through a divorce.

Casey Costa Ex Husband
Casey Costa and Brooks Peters were married but got divorced after two years (Source: USANetwork)

Casey and Brooks, one of the former couples, discussed the reasons behind the end of their marriage and expressed their expectations for their experience on the show in a video introduction.

In a video, Peters admitted, “I believe I brought some work-related stress into our home.”

Casey said she would ask him for non-materialistic things, but he failed to fulfill her requests. She expressed, “Our marriage lacked any passion whatsoever.”

While Brooks still hopes for reconciliation, Casey is determined to move on and has firmly stopped that idea.

She asserted, “He needs to face reality and understand that I am moving forward with my life, and he should do the same.”

In the video, Peters openly declares his love for his ex-wife, expressing his feelings wholeheartedly.

However, Casey has different intentions for Brooks, suggesting he should engage in intimate relationships and meet new people.

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